TrendOffice : Buckingham Interiors Showroom

In today’s TrendOffice we are excited to feature the showroom space of interior decorator Julia Buckingham Edelmann’s, located in the heart of Chicago. Besides being Buckingham Interior Designs office space, Edelmann uses the space to exhibit different artists and artifacts she has collected from all over world. There is no doubt that she has a great eye, but how she mixes all of the different objects and furniture she collects is what makes this space so remarkable.

Below are images of the showroom above in one of its previous decors. You can see that Julia Edelmann’s has a great eye and collects amazing pieces of art and antiques that can make the same space feel very different and refreshed.

Ani Tzenkova

Bulgarian born, Los Angeles raised – Ani is the Mini Boss of TrendLand. Having worked as fashion designer, stylist, art director and producer, she fuses all her budding experience into TrendLand’s creative platform and tries to stay on top of Frenchies grammar as much as possible.