Transparency in Design


This is just out of this world! Transparent Design is apparently becoming a trend in Japan. I love my sleek streamline designs but the idea of transparency is so fresh I cant deny my envy.

Transparent Nikon D80

Transparent mo......

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  • brian

    Transparent Refrigerator is bloody cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Chung Dha

    Yeah pretty awesome that fridge make it easier to see if you still got food without having to open it. I myself got a transparent wallet so I can see how much money I got. Without opening it to count.

  • Mini Boss

    haha “easier to see if you still have food” ! that is hysterical! or maybe you will always be hungry cause you can see all the good stuff in the fridge?!

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  • Craig Johnson

    Nintendo was doing this ten years ago.

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  • Cyril Style

    I think they was doing that way before – 10 yrs ago its 1999 – they was doing that probably 20yrs ago now, and Its just a trend who’s coming back…

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  • Karsten | Refrigerator enthusiast

    Wow, I’m a fridge enthusiast, and I’ve never seen the beautiful all-around transparent refrigerator in your post above. It’s like a french-door fridge, taken to the extreme. Imagine the utility – you can see exactly what’s in your fridge the whole time without having to open it, and you get to save energy in the process.

  • Tristan

    Transparent fridge would look nice as along as you have good looking food. I’m imagining some people spending an inordinate amount of time standing with the door open, trying to artistically arrange their aging leftovers.

    The toaster’s a good idea, but the camera is just kitschy.

  • esters

    Where can i buy the camera?