Top 10 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow


New York Times Magazine featured ’32 innovations that will change your tomorrow’. Here are Trendland’s favorites, from fabric shirt lining that acts as an outlet to hangover free alcohol and edible packaging. Most of these innovations are foreseeabl......

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  • TestShoot

    The ANIT-glare screen sounds cool, but whats an anit?

  • Bri

    Does anyone proofread posts before they go live?  I would normally share this article because the topic is so interesting and I love visuals over plain text…but this thing is full of typos like “Anit-Slouch” and sentences like “…that were generate you that buzz” and “Defiantly creepy, but effective!”  Too many grammatical and spelling errors make your article seem less than credible. 

  • Shop

     Bri, we apologize for the errors. Please see updated post.