Tom Sachs: Ten Bullets

We are still thinking about how much fun we had on Mars last year with Tom Sachs!

Today, Sachs is taking us into intellectual outerspace once again with this very cheeky film short, “Ten Bullets.” In collaboration with one of his former studio assistants, Sachs has created this satirical video in which he outlines, in 10 bullet points, how and why his 15-person studio performs with the utmost efficiency. With bullet #1 being, “CREATIVITY IS THE ENEMY” he humorously shows us how the nuts and bolts of an artistic practice is, sometimes, the antithesis of what we would traditionally deem, “creative.” In reality, a rather structured, scientifically deconstructed system with very little free flow seems to be Sachs’ one-way ticket to his best bursts of artistic inspiration. Thanks for the virtual studio tour, Tom!

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