Thursday Throwback: Moby

      2. Extreme Ways


The electronic genre adopted his face as the first representation of anonymous area of music. His face became symbolic for dance music, ambient soundscapes and has now been around for 11 albums, 21 award nominations and 15 world-class musical awards.

Moby is the name to that well-known face. Undying songs like “Porcelain,” “Natural Blues,” “We Are All Made Of Stars,” and “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad” might as well be soundtracks for flying into space, but to some his discography is more than that. It’s a life soundtrack for anyone born in or before the 80’s.

With over a decade of releases, Moby has been the accompaniment to many a memory to long-time fans, even transcending the generation for which he originally composed. He may not be Beethoven, but he is a timeless classic. Happy listening.

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