Throwback Thursday: The Girl From Ipanema

There are no words to describe the Brazilian 1950-60s musical movement of samba and jazz fusion besides pure brilliance.

      2. The Girl From Ipanema


João Gilberto’s reinterpreted version of “Girl From Ipanema” (feat. Astrud and Stan Getz) is a classic, romantic, and sophisticated example of this Bossa Nova era. Gilberto is best known for re-mastering a genre of music which defines Brazil and its culture as we know it. Rightfully given the nickname O Mito (the Legend), João Gilberto’s musical portfolio spans over 50+ years of Bossa Nova brilliance. Born in 1931 in Brazil’s northern French-Colonial tropic state Bahia, Gilberto mastered his sounds at a young age playing with friends and schoolmates, developing his career as a musician and eventually becoming a local legend in Bahia’s capital city, Salvador. The road to international recognition wasn’t easy as Gilberto lived the life of a musical vagabond for decades until he was able to find his niche. Fast forward to present day, Gilberto is now regarded as one of the godfathers of this unique musical genre and is succeeded by his protégée daughter Bebel Gilberto – Brazil’s Bossa Nova golden girl.

Written By Dana Kelly

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Dana Kelly

Year Born: 1985
Location: LA // How many hours a day are you on the web? 4
Last cool project you worked on: Textile trend research
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