Thorsten Brinkmann at Pablo’s Birthday Gallery

For those of you who have ever felt down on your luck, or maybe a sense of pervading uselessness, the work of artist Thorsten Brinkmann might give you a little reminder to find inspiration you need. Collecting ordinary objects, the disregarded rubbish of civilization, this artist has transformed what was lost and created a unique body of work, diverse and new in its own right, giving useless objects a newfound noble purpose while moving between photography, sculpture, performance and installation art.

Brinkmann’s still lives and portraits transform anonymous sculpture figures while reminding a bit of old Masters, and leaving found objects’ old function and memory in the dust. Brinkmann’s work hit our radar after checking out Pablo’s Birthday Gallery, one of favorite new New York galleries, and tops our wish list of fine art for its vibrant coloring and stark POV for the start of the new year.

more info:

available at:
Pablo’s Birthday Gallery
526 Canal Street | New York, NY 10013

art found objects pablo's birthday gallery portrait sculpture Still Life thorsten brinkmann
Amanda Jakubik

Year Born: 1987
Location: NYC // How many hours a day are you on the web? 5
Last cool project you worked on: Taste tasting
Coolest person you know personally: Moe Money
Best place to eat in your neighborhood: The Breslin
Top 3 Places: Rome, Lake Washington, My apartment
Best hotel/place you visited last year: Definitely South Beach with the homies
Next destination: Jamaica
Generation favorite: Coachella

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