Think Pink: Charlotte Free

Trends, as you know, come and go, and IMG’s Charlotte Free, with her rebellious pink hair, cat eyes, and 5’7″ stature, who lit up some of our favorite editorials and catwalks over the last year, has certainly been the trendiest of all. As much as we love to dote on her ever so cool look, what enthralls us more is the high fashion sets embrace (once again) of the punk, grungy high street look.  There are some models who are the perfect blank canvas for whatever the creators vision may be–and others, like Charlotte, who sparkle because of their distinct look which needn’t be altered.

Charlotte Free, don’t ever change, and we hope there are a lot more of girls just like you out there.

Check out our favorite editorials plus this awesome video from Complot Magazine.

Charlotte Free models models to watch pink hair TRENDS
Vanessa Weste

Year Born: 1988
Location: NYC // How many hours a day are you on the web? 10
Last cool project you worked on: Street Style video coverage of New York Fashion Week
Best place to eat in your neighborhood: The Dead Rabbit
Top 3 Places: Surf Lodge, Kit’s Beach in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Playland Motel at Rockaway Beach
Next destination: Paris, Australia Marrakesh, Cuba
Generation favorite: Pinterest and Instagram

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