The New Tiny And Portable Starbucks


Re-imagining the drive-thru, walk-up coffee stand, Starbucks has created these “modern modulars,” built in a factory and delivered in a truck, all meant to be customized upon arriving in their markets. A LEED certification point for these structures is that they are to be built from local materials, within a 500-mile radius, so that means you’ll see anything from reclaimed lumber to corrugated metals on the facades. Hoping to make the experience of getting your morning joe a little more interesting, the company looks to expand this concept worldwide.

article via Fast Co

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  • missamy

    Not sure how such a big company can say they are reinventing the small soffee shop when there are hundreds of ‘hole in the wall’ coffee shops that are so tiny they can only house the coffee machine and one or two committed baristas which make a far nicer coffee than starbucks.
    This is hardly small and portable, it is just a prefabbed cafe that is not likely to be moved around any time other than the day it is delivered. Any one heard of coffee carts? cant get much more compact and portable than that.
    Also if I just wanted milk with a hint of coffee i’d go to starbucks, but not if I needed soy milk. pls train your baristas, burnt coffee ruins mornings.
    Like the idea and the use of local and reclaimed materials but seems a bit much to be selling it like this.