The Journal: How To Be A Music Buff


You may have heard/noticed that online e-tailers Net-a-Porter and Mr. Porter are amping up their editorial content, most recently as last month Net-a-Porter launched The Edit, an online weekly publication to be followed by a print version later this year. The format may likely follow in the footsteps of Mr. Porter’s own print journal, The Mr. Porter Post, launched August 2011, following the format of their digital weekly, The Journal. We definitely have enjoyed the content, especially the how-to guides in gorgeous illustrated style. From their recent Music Issue, enjoy this series from’s own music editor, Tim Jonze, “How To Be A Music Buff”, of particular use this week as SXSW kicks off.  Check the full editorial out on Mr. Porter.

Illustrations by Joe McKendry

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11 Mar 2013 @ 12:06 pm
The Journal: How To Be A Music Buff
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