Terry Richardson Gets Down and Dirty for Purple Magazine



  • http://zubeir.co.za/ Z

    Terry Richardson is my hero

  • http://www.blank-label.com/ Blank Label

    not for nothing, but this shoot kinda seems trashy. i think it's the women that are really not doing it for me. their crazy hair and facial expressions are really turning me off to the whole shoot. i can appreciate naked women, but this just doesnt seem good. perhaps this shoot would be better if the women didnt look so scary

  • LoganWolfe

    Has anyone ever heard of Helmut Newton?

  • http://www.CyanaBoutique.com Cyril Style

    Of course we Know him, but you know, he is a little bit the father of Sexy Photography… so of course terry or jurgen got some inspiration form him…

  • http://auroracrowley.com/ Aurora

    Newton has more class>>>>>> however long live Terry for pushing the boundaries

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  • victor

    nice photography with so beautiful models,carry on.good luck.It is better if u give names of the models below the photographs. Thanks & regards


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  • Gentry

    This is not right on any level. Go ahead and fault me for stating what art is not. This is not art. For one, because art should not objectify anyone, man or woman. Hopefully more truth will surface concerning Richardson’s deviant behavior. I challenge anyone to defend any behavior that exploits women. Allegations against Richardson come from consenting young women who now regret their actions, but many of them were talked into doing certain less than wholesome things on their photo shoots. I don’t think anyone can defend Richardson’s actions. He has even admitted to exploiting girls. This kind of stuff needs to stop sooner than later for the sake of art, society, and women.

  • MadG

    This isn’t art.It’s just porn dressed up as fashion.And it’s not even good photography…all of this has been done before.How can the fashion world put this kind of has-been rubbish on a pedastal?

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  • Jason

    Okay, I don’t care if terry shoots nudes or anything but seriously… most the work coming out of the guy is just utter shit photography… Although I’ve seen some pretty good thigns come out of this guy but half of the shit is… well shit at its best.

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Terry Richardson Gets Down and Dirty for Purple Magazine
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