Tania and Vincent’s Surrealist Photography

We recently wrote about a campaign created by photo duo Tania and Vincent. Since then I have had the chance to really immerse myself in their dynamic portfolio to find out that these two have got the magic stick. Their education in photography and graphic design become crucial to the intricacy of their images.

Ever wonder what would have happened if Salvador Dali was a fashion photographer? Tania and Vincent can easily be his reincarnation with their surreal take on photography and collage. Their composition of the images is not simply a still life photograph, but  a surrealist production of joining objects of various scales. It is a trompe l’oeil which plays with multiple dimensions of the image and makes you lose the reference.  Tania and Vincent have worked and collaborated on the campaigns of Cartier, Hermes and Lanvin as well as been featured in the pages of numerous publications, including Please!, Numero, and Citizen K.

More info on: www.taniaetvincent.com

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