Tame Impala: Why Won’t They Talk To Me

      3. Why Won't They Talk To Me

      4. Elephant


Innerspeaker, Lonerism. Same idea, different way of saying it.

The Australian mates from Tame Impala come back, two years after their already convincing first album “Innerspeaker” (2010), with “Lonerism” out beginning of this month on Modular Records.

Lonerism is far more poignant in terms of song writing and based on a softer side of psychedelic groovy pop rock.
“Why Won’t They Talk to Me?” is perhaps the catchiest (pop?) song of their new opus; a kind of homage to the Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour” album with a hint of Julian Casablancas flow. Bizarre, but intriguing right?

Just for kicks and because it’s so  good, the first single “Elephant” previously released by the band, co-written by Kevin Parker and Jay Watson. Do enjoy.

Added Bonus: the picture on the album cover was taken at “Jardin du Luxembourg” in Paris by singer songwriter Kevin Parker himself, with some editing help from graphic designer Leif Podhajsky.

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