Max de Esteban-xray obsolete technology-02

Max de Esteban’s X-Ray Obsolete Technology

Max de Esteban’s photography is always project-based and postulates an open question about something he’s passionately interested in. This series named Proposition One depicts obsolete technology products for creating and communicating art. The images have an x-ray longing to reclaim a mortuary quality, as


Nick Veasey’s X-Ray Fashion Photography

It’s is not the first time we write about X-Ray photography but I quite enjoyed the result of British photographer, Nick Veasey using industrial X-ray machines to shoot the most common fashion objects. Veasey had the idea of shooting these while dating the daughter of a truck driver who was transporting thousands of soda cans,…


When Luxury Objects goes under the Scanner

We have been feeling the radiology/ x-ray trend for awhile now, whether it was flowers, humans or even toys, this kind of photography given us a different view on everyday objects. Well, thanks to the technology of the medical imagery 3D high-definition, the French collective project Lux Inside decided to

Torkil Gudnason’s Floral Series-1

Torkil Gudnason’s Floral Photography

A few days ago I featured photographer Torkil Gudnason in reference to his Bourgeois Dog Series, but since then I have had the chance to peruse through his entire online portfolio and found a lot of great work. I was particularly captivated by this Floral series. It reminded me of Hugh Turvey’s x-ray flower photography…


Flowers X-rays by Hugh Turvey

After the X-ray Pin-up and the Radiology Art here are Hugh Turvey‘s x-rays of flowers. Hugh, 39, has been fascinated since childhood with getting underneath the surface of things, and its since 1996 the he first used X-rays as a favor to a musician friend who needed an image for an album cover.


X-Ray Pin-Up Calender

Eizo teamed up with Butter, a Berlin/Dusseldorf ad agency to create this x-ray pin-up calender for 2010 (just released). Credits: EIZO medical imaging high precision displays for the examination and diagnosis of radiographs. Whereas craftsmen are showered with pin-up-calendars at the end of every year, this kind of present is less popular among medics. EIZO…


Radiology Art

Since the summer of 2007, the Radiology Art project has been underway. This is a project dedicated to the deeper visualization via CT Scan of various objects that hold unique cultural importance in modern society. So far, these objects have included toys, convenience-related foods, and personal electronics. Also you can send them any object you would like them to scan ! Pretty Cool !