Wooden Totems By Theo Riviere

Specialized in surface and textile design, Theo Riviere also managed to gather mindfully different materials to create new surface patterns.


A Wooden Coat for Master Shuhô

Aurore Thibout and Tamiya Raden rallied their experience in fashion to develop a « frozen aspect » kimono, which is entirely woven from slats of wood and silk, mindfully replaced to preserve each veneer details.


//SKID: A Unique Wooden Chef Knife

When an idea becomes reality, the Germans interdisciplinary group of engineers, designers, computer scientists and blacksmiths, form together a team with an extended set of skills and expertise. After 2 years of R&D and prototyping, Lignum was born.


Lovely Child Wooden Toys to Spark Their Imagination

Most of Trendland readers works in the creative fields, while a bunch of them have kids, toddlers or soon to be parents! With the amount of (stupid) kid toys on the market, it is hard sometimes to find cool, educative toys for our little ones.


Scott Albrecht’s New Translations Exhibition

Echo Park Gallery, Subliminal Projects is pleased to present ‘New Translations’, a solo exhibition of new works by Brooklyn-based artist Scott Albrecht, featuring a collection of works on paper and wood.


Becky Kemp’s Pop Icon Kokeshi Dolls

These cultural icons wooden dolls were morphed into Kokeshis when Becky Kemp discovered a traditional Japanese Kokeshi in a Antiques shop. The paint was chipped and the head wobbled but she loved the simple shape and the effect of painted wood so she took her home with her. Kokeshis traditionally have no arms or legs…


Nordic ‘Marbelous’ Wood

Designer Pernille Snedker Hansen studio based in Copenhagen challenges the look of surfaces. Using an antique marbling technique and modernizing it with the use of


Design Rooted In Nature: Inside Wood Exhibition

Wood has become an iconic element in Norwegian design. To celebrate the material, its history and future in Norwegian design, The Bergen Academy of Art and Design (kHiB) has created a new exhibition of interdisciplinary experiments.


Wooden Colorful Installation with Monochrome Sculptures

British stately home Chatsworth House commissioned design studio Raw edges to create a piece inside its 19th century sculpture gallery as part of an exhibition of seat furniture named «Make Yourself Comfortable» at Chatsworth – A great opportunity to apply their Endgrain signature.


Woodrocks: When Wood Blocks looks like Rocks

Titled Woodrocks, these large geometric sliced reclaimed wood are the work of artist Victoria Wagner. Covered with gradients oil paint evokiing the natural tones found in outdoor landscapes, waters and sunsets.


CSA+D Acrylic and Wood Sculptures

This collection of 52 unique wooden sculptures was created for the inaugural season of Brooklyn Community-Supported Art & Design (CSA+D) by Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao’s CHIAOZZA.


Daily Spoon by Stian Korntved Ruud

In a true celebration of craftsmanship and materiality, Young Norweigian designer Stian Korntved Ruud committed himself to creating a spoon every day, for 365 days.


Gomar Design

French designer Gomar, whose real name Margot Thiery, is one of those who keeps pushing the limits of materials and her design range is exceptionally wide and flexible.


Minimalist Showroom In Tokyo

Studio Phenomenon’s Fumihiko Sano designed this bare-bones showroom for Maruwakaya, a company which links traditional crafts to contemporary art, in Tokyo.


Di Corte Wooden Chairs

Italian designers Andrea Magnani, Giovanni Delvecchio and Elisabetta Amatori from Resign studio imagined Di Corte, a series of wooden chairs, with parts that are still covered


Attic Bar in Belarus

Lithuanian studio Inblum Architects made a bar out of the attic of an old house in Minsk, Belarus. Leaving some of the original brick walls exposed, they fit wooden slats all over the pre-war space, some of which function as coat racks and shelves.


[email protected] Toy House

The Bear House is located in Cha-Am Beach, a famous seaside resort town in central Thailand, three hours drive from Bangkok. Own by sibling and huge [email protected] collector Sittawat Sahawat and Nipapat Sahawat, the modern house was

Hazukashi House by ALTS_07

Hazukashi House by ALTS Design Office

This minimalist House located in the suburb of Kyoto and designed by ALTS Design Office is a tribute to materials and natural light. The architects of the project Sumiou Mizumoto and Yoshitaka Kuga  played with different tones of wood and took the challenge to allow the maximum amount of natural light into the house throughout all four seasons.

Kronospan x Pikcells – Fresh 2 – 3

Redesigning Wood

Wood is perhaps the most universal materials that we originally use and reconstruct nowadays. A material so widely used can be hard to update, but Welsh manufacturing company Kronospan did a commendable effort with their latest collaboration titled Fresh 2.