Barney’s Window Display by Dennis McNett

Brooklyn artist Dennis McNett will have his brilliant installations displayed at Barney’s Madison ( Madison Avenue be. 60th and 61st St.). The display will run from June 23 through July 12. The over-sized wolf, owl, and skull  paper mache masks and sculptures bring a unique feeling to the 50 feet long windows on Madison…

Alice in Wonderland Window Display

Alice in Wonderland Window Display

In Paris the Printemps windows are always a big attraction, like the Macy’s windows in New York – So for the launch of Alice in Wonderland, they asked several designers to interpret a modern day Alice, similar to the idea behind Liebovitz’s shoot for American Vogue in 2003 .


Dries Van Noten Windows – Palais Royal, Paris

Dries Van Noten will have the Palais Royal windows of the Minister of Culture until mid-December – After Martin Margelia, Dries exhibit on one of the most prestigious Parisian windows. The master pieces of the exhibition is a silk dress wich fusion with the room with 50 different …