Faye: Water Against The Rocks

BUY HERE With her recent pop release, Swedish artist, Faye (aka Fanny) carries a fluid high note from mid track to the last deep beat as her filtered vocals stretch into controlled belting while overlapping electro crescendos. “Water Against The Rocks” (Best Fit Recordings) fulfills a layered flirtation and chill between seamless bass and feminine…

Little Dragon album cover

Song of the Day : [08/14]

A good portion of the universe should know about Little Dragon by now; they are far from little. The city of Gothenburg in Sweden [well, Sweden in general] seems to be the mother that births all catchy loveable music. The Knife, Jose Gonzalez, and Jens Lekman to name a few others. The lead singer of Little Dragon, Yukimi, has a jazz vocal background which is evident in her highly addictive soulful voice; the perfect main ingredient for such a musical meal. There are girls that sound black but are actually white, but this femme sounds black but is actually Japanese! Listen to one single song one single time and you’re hooked, no matter the mood you’re currently in or attempting to channel in the near future. This particular song speaks of the obstacle course we call life that stresses us then rests us, tests us and depresses us. Emotions darken and lighten as minds get lost over and over again just to find another way back with an entirely different view. Test is actually from their 2007 self titled [and first] album but don’t think they broke up and went solo llike all the rest; they released a new album recently by the name of Machine Dreams.