The Postman Dreams: Autumn de Wilde for Prada

  Director Autumn de Wilde was invited by Prada to create this project around its Galleria bag. While most videos about handbags would leave much to be desired, this specific series blends De Wilde’s signature joy with elements of comedy, surrealism, and, music.


Reptile Youth: My Yoko Ono

What do you get when you blend 37 motion graphics students from Hyper Island with 2.5 days and an image of Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompa factory ?


The Art of Steak

Argentinian super chef Francis Mallmann is well known for embracing a simplistic approach to cooking.


A Gastronomical Virtual Reality Experience

Project Nourished reexamines methods of food consumption by replicating foods high in calories with less caloric substitutes, while giving the eater a virtual reality where they consume the originally desired food items.


To Catch a Dream

Kenyan multidisciplinary collective The Nest presents “To Catch A Dream”, a short film featuring the works of eight local designers starring Kenyan modeling icon Ajuma Nasenyana.


A Very Short Film by Vallée Duhamel

If you follow Trendland, you might have already noticed our reviews on the Montreal based creative studio Vallée Duhamel. For their latest video, they went very Dali like with ‘A Very Short Film’ where we follow the journey of a girl in a yellow dress as she enters a strange world… Watch below, it’s Visually…


One pen, infinite possibilities by Vallée Duhamel

One lucky character sees his day transformed when his Samsung pen is transformed into a series of tools carrying him to a playful dreamland. The film invites you to take a magical turn in your daily life while illustrating the various features of the Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen . Agency : Heaven Directors & Visual…


LIANES by Quentin de Coster for L’Air du Temps

Chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre met designer Quentin de Coster at a conference in March of 2013. During this event, they presented their work and noted many common points between their respective artistic worlds. A year later, the


5 Best Videos of the Week

This week we have a Bioluminescent Forest, some Ballet Dancers and projections, a 3D Texture treatments, a tiny Dubstep Dancer and the True Lebowski…Obviously to watch fullscreen and listen loud!

Die Antwoord_1

Die Antwoord : Ugly Boy [Video]

Die Antwoord returned to shut-down the internet with “Ugly Boy’s” music video. All jokes aside. The South African zef-cult duo made up of Ninja

TIGA-final copy

Tiga : Bugatti [Video]

Judged by the speed of this four-wheeler, another Juno Award might be closer than the market place down the block! The recently released music video for Montreal native Tiga’s dance-floor hit single “Bugatti” outfits a heavily retro influence: the macintosh, pop soda, talking lips, turtle necks, they were all called to the casting.   If…

Sway Clarke II

Sway Clarke II : Secret Garden ft. Tink | Video

  Take a walk of shame with the clever and talented Sway Clarke II as he ventures on a journey through a common predicament in a man’s world.   “Secret Garden” has been on our radar for quite some time now and with a little bit of a revamp consisting of a hot fire female…

Nick Monaco – 3

Nick Monaco : Mating Call

  San Francisco based Nick Monaco delivers his latest album ‘Mating Call’ via Wolf + Lamb/Soul Clap collective and the product is a cleverly crafted genre sweeping treat.   Taking us through an array of different sonic settings from downtempo R&B/funk obscure to a more uptempo House/Disco flavor, meanwhile keeping his whispering vocal in a…


Ten Walls : Walking With Elephants

  Ten Walls is the alias Marijus Adomaitis’ welds to his experimental musical endeavors, at times coinciding with the current frame of deep house but steering into some quite unexpected sound on his most recent work “Walking With Elephants”—— scheduled to release (via Boso) September 7th.   There is perhaps no better way to receive…


Movement (NSFW)

    BUY MOVEMENT EP   Let’s talk about sex. Or perhaps we should listen to some music that perfectly evokes it. No, why don’t we just watch someone else making passionate love. Australian trio Movement present us with the opportunity to do all of the above and with such finesse in their brooding R&B…


Memento Mori Flower Portrait [video]

The Memento Mori flower portrait is a modern visual interpretation of a classic theme: “Remember Your Mortality”. Artist/Director Jihye with art director Trevor Gilley and DOP Matt Infante shot over 6,700 photos with exactly 2,943 photos chosen for this video timelaps. It is important to


Richard Swarbrick’s Amazing World Cup 2014 Animation

I Just stumbled on this AMAZING animated film by British artist Richard Swarbrick. The video below is showing Germany’s victory over Argentina in the World Cup Final and the magnificent four weeks of football brilliance that preceded it with some of the most memorable moments and goals. If like me you followed closely this World…

Joywave 2

Joywave : Trendmix

  BUY HOW DO YOU FEEL? EP   Joywave, the unconventionally awesome band hailing from Rochester, NY,  is quickly making a name for themselves with a catalog that dexterously shifts between genre putting on display the band’s pointed talent for blending influences.   They received some serious and deserved praise for the release of their  88888 Mixtape in…


Jungle : The Realest Of The Real

It’s a rare feat when a musical act can find the perfect unity between sound and motion picture, just like a prosperous marriage creating a bond that empowers and complements both parts independently simultaneously creating a union that is much stronger and lasting much longer than would be possible alone.  Uk based Jungle do just…


Lil Silva : Mabel [Video]

Lil Silva is a name that has been lending potent production and momentum to an array of up and comers over the past few years. Previously just a shadow of production force, on August 5th the UK bread talent will bring us his forthcoming EP entitled Mabel (via Good Years / True Panther) which features…


20 Syl : Master of Montage

DJ and producer Sylvain Richard aka 20 Syl, has come to be known as one fourth of french DJ collective C2C, but lately the beat magician has been up to his own tactics permutating the interwebs with some of his own original work in light of the release of his solo EP entitled Motifs (via On and…


FKA twigs : Popular Music’s Majestic Geisha Doll

  Ever since Tahliah Barnett known by most by her stage name FKA Twigs hit the music scene she has been a force to be reckoned with and a presence that has brought about eminent curiosity and intrigue. Her abstract beauty adapts geisha doll to UK swagger and her music only feeds her alluring fire further…

Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso : Play It Right

    If you haven’t yet appreciated the fine sounds of North Carolina natives Sylvan Esso you are in for a treat. The coincidentally formed duo just released a video for their track “Play It Right” and I figured I would use this opportunity to re-introduce the talented bond formed by these two.   For…


The New Nike Football Film: “Winner Stays”

With their new slogan, #RiskEverything Nike is (again) doing strong in preparation with the World Cup. The new commercial has been unveiled today during the Nike Football Summit, here in Madrid. The film opens on a park with two teams challenging each other in a pick-up game where the winner stays on.