Video Art Installation: PARADISE at MOTI Museum

Studio Smack, best known for their music video Witch Doctor by De Staat, have released a new animation: a contemporary interpretation of one of the most famous paintings by the Early Dutch master Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights.


The CAL 2017 – Pirelli Calendar Shot by Peter Lindbergh

The 2017 Pirelli Calendar, created by one of the world’s top photographers, Peter Lindbergh, was presented in Paris today. The 2017 edition, which follows on from the one by Annie Leibovitz in 2016, sees the German master become the only photographer to have been asked to produce the Pirelli Calendar for the third time. It…


You’re Invited to “The Eye-Ball”

“The Eye Ball” is the sequel to “Our Family Know Glasses”, and continues the true-ish story of the Voorthuis family, optically-obsessed owners of Georgetown Optician. Like the original film “The Eye Ball” was conceived and created by Design Army, who in a bid to outdo “Our Family Know Glasses” hatched a wild tale involving a short sighted optical instruments heiress, villainous butler, purloined heirlooms, and a cast of 50 hunting hounds.


Casa Bahia on Coconut Grove Peninsula [Miami]

Miami modern design meets Asian tropical bespoke design. Envisioned by revered filmmaker Alejandro Landes (known for his award-winning film, Porfirio), Casa Bahia is sits right on a private Coconut Grove peninsula with breathtaking views of Miami’s downtown skyline and bay.


Experimental Animations Defying Gravity

‘Physlab’ is a series of illustrated animations that explore the law of physics. Created by visual artists and architects Anny Wang and Tim Söderström, the ongoing project is mesmerizing to watch.


Synthetic Art By ZEITGUISED

Synthetic art by ZEITGUISED – a collective of artists, designers and technologists – is a mixed-media project that moulds natural occurences into artificial forms controlled by human hands. ‘Neural Groove’ aims to juxtapose the organic and the mechanic. The installations are modelled according to cohesive thought processes, yet the outcome is always unknown due to inclusion…


Kouhei Nakama Dissects Life Cycles

Visual Art Director, Kouhei Nakama, dissects life cycles with a gorgeous Motion graphic animation. The artist believes humans are constantly being reborn and the video magnifies the idea of many organs and cells repeating the life and death cycle.


‘Once Upon An Artist’ Poetic Documentation Of Creative Brains

‘Once Upon an Artist’ is a unique documentary series that narrates artistic experiences in a philosophical form. Each episode puts a new creative mind in focus to decode their own interpretations of their work. Chapter 1 tells the story of sculptor Rubén Fuentes Fuertes working in collaboration with COMPAC on a 1’5 meter quartz sculpture.


Dior Homme Skateboard Lookbook Filmed by At Large Magazine

Luxury fashion is going back to the street (again!) Gucci is doing street art and now Dior Homme is going full on Skateboard vibe with this gorgeous black & white, double exposure video lookbook. Set against a backdrop of Los Angeles’ famed Venice Skate Park, the film is inspired by the Neo-new wave skate culture…


Melodei Roulaud’s Film ‘On Skin’ Gets Under The Surface

A new short film by a London-based French director is a story of our day-to-day relationship with the very own skin. Exploring a very intimate sensory experience between the body and a garment, Meloide Roulaud gets under the surface and turns it into a poetic tale.


Stunning Animation Showing You How Your Sweater is Made!

‘The first cycle’ is a visualization of a creative production process, made for fashion designer Borre Akkersdijk. A gorgeous animation created by Dutch visual artist Niels Hoebers where the viewer is being taken by fiction and reality into the creative concept of it’s designer.


Eataipei Experimental Tasting Menu

To celebrate Taipei as the World Design Capital of 2016, multi-disciplinary designer Shikai Tseng teamed up with an architect Rain Wu and a chef Chungho-Ho Tsai for a series of culinary performances that were filmed and shot, showcasing local specialties in an exquisitely neat way.


A Surreal Video On Mishearing By Found

Set in a surreal museum of mishearing, a new video by Found studio features abstract, kinetic sculptures set in meandring  corridors of a Museum that imitates different architecture styles.


On the Loss of Beauty by John Lindquist

Released via Nowness, the new short film ‘Spring Summer’ documents two models, Delphine Bafort and Ashley Smith on the Amalfi Coast, as they discover the signs of aging and fleeting beauty.


Shirley: Film Inspired by Edward Hopper

From the canvas to the screen, Director Gustav Deutsch interprets the iconic paintings of Edward Hopper in the film Shirley: Visions of Reality. Deutschs architectural background allowed for accurate use of lighting,


Miu Miu Scenique Feat. Kaia Gerber

With her butterfly lenses set into golden frames and dressed in precious pieces from the Miu Miu archive, Cindy Crawford’s 14-year-old daughter Kaia Gerber fronts a new film for Miu Miu’s Scenique sunglasses. In the video directed by Francesco Maria Tiribelli, fresh-faced Kaia Gerber perfectly encapsulates the maverick femininity of the Miu Miu girl. The…


Jessica Stam Loves Muk Bang :)

“Muk Bang” is a tribute to the Korean movement, muk bang, in which a person eats massive quantities of food while being broadcasted via webcam. NY based filmmakers Tn’T (Tarik Malak & Timothy Douglas), in collaboration with Vogue Korea and supermodel Jessica Stam, wanted to take the first “haute couture” spin on this digital phenomenon.…