E Castillo

Eduardo Castillo : Musical Storyteller

Venezuelan-born, Los Angeles-based DJ/producer Eduardo Castillo is infamous for his improvisational live remixing and eclectic sounds. Castillo has several releases and commissions on the groundbreaking label Crosstown Rebels and is the founder of legendary VOODOO and GYPSET events in Los Angeles.


Audego Trendmix

  Australian duo Audego stand alone in a massively infiltrated pool of electronic R&B based music that has spawned in the passed few years. Their sound is raw and distinct, a combination of recycled old-fashioned harmonies and smudged samples, layered with blurred synths and crooked percussion, and finally blanketed with the dusty sweetness of singer…

Joywave 2

Joywave : Trendmix

  BUY HOW DO YOU FEEL? EP   Joywave, the unconventionally awesome band hailing from Rochester, NY,  is quickly making a name for themselves with a catalog that dexterously shifts between genre putting on display the band’s pointed talent for blending influences.   They received some serious and deserved praise for the release of their  88888 Mixtape in…


Trendmix : Spring Fling

Let’s hail spring in proper fashion with a compilation of gems for your listening purposes. The themes ranging from contrived feelings of happiness, to taking on the role of a love-soldier, drifting away to islands of ethereal bliss, to repelling & propelling love, flossing your fancy swagger, and many more transitory shenanigans.   Trendland’s Mix,…


Weekly Viral Report Card

Many of you can probably relate to our obsession with statistics. There is an ongoing unspoken competition in our office to see who has got the viral touch, and we decided to materialize this obsession into a ‘Weekly Viral Report’ that includes the top post on Trendland.com, the most repined images from our Pinterest, and…


Exclu: Opala Q+A and Mixtape

Amidst the time changing, delicate, and politically charged craziness happening in Brazil at this very moment, the duo Opala had time, in between protests, to talk to Trendland and make a special Trendmix for us!


Winter Trendmix: Dope On Plastic

Hey TL music lovers!  We have enlisted the expert help of DJ Grant Shapiro to put together our Winter Trendmix: Dope On Plastic.  


TRENDMIX 2012: Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

The holidays are in full swing, and whether you are jetting across the globe to a far away destination or indulging your Christmas/Apocalypse/Kwanzaa/?? cheer at home, there is something for everyone to love on our year end Trendmix, Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk.  Included in the set are


Fall 2012 TRENDMIX: Lucky in Love

Illustration by Connie Lim   September brings new releases complete with hits from Two Door Cinema Club, Cat Power, and some still-tasty summer leftovers. Whether this will be your back-to-school playlist or just your leaf stomping soundtrack, enjoy the Niki & The Dove marathon, Carlos Serano’s sedating Kanye West vs. The xx mix, and a…

July 2012 TRENDMIX Wild Honey

July TRENDMIX: Wild Honey

 Illustration by Tara Dougans July 2012 TRENDMIX: WILD HONEY   Hocus Pocus: “Feel Good ft. C2C” BUY HERE Haim: “Go Slow” BUY HERE Frank Ocean: “Super Rich Kids ft. Earl Sweatshirt” BUY HERE Daughn Gibson: “In The Beginning” BUY HERE Callers and Delicate Steve: “Further Out” BUY HERE Coastal Cities: “The Voyage” BUY HERE Cat…

June 2012 TrendMix_Can’t Wait For The Sun To Rise

June 2012 TrendMix: Can’t Wait For The Sun To Rise

Illustration by Niky Roehreke – Visit her site to view more… June 2012 TrendMix: ‘Can’t Wait For The Sun To Rise’ The summer sun has finally risen, and our long, beach-filled days have begun: What better way to celebrate the season’s beginnings than to create the perfect playlist for its arrival?


May 2012 TRENDMIX: New Kids On The Block

TRENDMIX Illustration by Dunya Atay May 2012 TRENDMIX: New Kids On The Block This month’s TrendMix gathers May’s most buzzing bands including The Neighbourhood, Electric Guest, Here We Go Magic, and Grimes. A few familiar names join the fresh meat with recent releases from Santigold, and Jack White’s new solo endeavor. Happy listening, and keep…


TRENDMIX: Coachella 2012 – Double the Desert, Double the Fun

TRENDMIX: Coachella 2012 – “Double The Desert, Double the Fun” As the weekend approached, Angelinos and the migrant masses quivered in anticipation with Coachella fever. And now, Indio’s annual pay day has arrived with music-obsessed crowds to fill a whole year’s worth of tourism revenue.

March 2012 TRENDMIX_Make Believe

March 2012 TRENDMIX: Make Believe

Illustration by Dunya Atay March 2012 TRENDMIX: Make Believe It is the month of dreamers, and make believers. And so, our March TRENDMIX is dedicated to imagination and the songs that awaken it.


TRENDMIX: Crush On This

Illustration by Audria Brumberg TRENDMIX: CRUSH ON THIS Happy Valentine’s Day, Trendlandians. Our lovers’ mix jumps through genres tapping into some more romantic outsiders like James Blake’s Joni Mitchell cover



TrendMix Illustration by Spiros Halaris Trendland’s Halloween mixtape, Bloody Good A howling wind bursts through a haunted house, blowing open a squeaky door separating the helpless protagonist and Halloween‘s Michael Myers. Cue the music. Cue the senses. What stimulates fear in any lovable horror movie, or any film for that matter, is the soundtrack. It…

Autumnatic mixtape

TrendMix : Autumnatic

TrendMix Illustration by Spiros Halaris Trendland’s fall mixtape, Autumnatic, follows the natural progression of fall’s fickle moods. Whether it means hitting the books, yellow leaves, or dusting off your stockings and thigh-high boots, the season is upon us to move on from summer, yet let it live on in our hearts.