Mallorcan-TRendhome-by- dai10-10

Trendhome : A Modern Mallorcan Paradise

Architect Alexander Von Waberer and interior designer couple Isabel Jover of Estudio Dai 10 ticked all the right boxes when designing their urban escape in Mallorca. Open and bright, with impressive views from every corner, and a minimal interior design are a just a few of the highlights of this seaside gem.


Trendhome: The Pink Palazzo Chupi

Any New Yorker who doesn’t know whose house this is has definitely at least stopped by it and stared. When artist and filmmaker Julian Schanbel imposed his magnificent building onto the West Village, it left its neighbors shocked.


Trendhome: Greek Island Summer Retreat

Today in Trendhome we shall whisk you away to the beautiful Greek island of Serifos, where architect George Zafiriou and designer Manolis Pandelikdakis combined forces to create this lovely Greek summer retreat.


TrendHome: Industrial Italian Loft

Today’s Trendhome: cool, minimalist, sleek, and Italian! Florence-based studio q-bic created this “pallets loft” by renovating the attic of a Nineteenth century industrial building in the heart of historic Florence. 


Weekly Viral Report Card

Many of you can probably relate to our obsession with statistics. There is an ongoing unspoken competition in our office to see who has got the viral touch, and we decided to materialize this obsession into a ‘Weekly Viral Report’ that includes the top post on, the most repined images from our Pinterest, and…


Amazing Private Garden in Chelsea

My ideal situation for living in the city: a private roof garden! This gorgeous duplex Penthouse loft located in prime Chelsea comes with (obviously) a key-locked elevator, two bedrooms, two baths, 3 huge skylights (too bad they


Donna Karan’s New York Home

Set in an Art Deco building in the heart of Upper West Side with a priceless view of Central Park, this home is a true reflection of the style and lifestyle of Donna Karan. Great pictures by



Many of you can probably relate to our obsession with statistics. There is an ongoing unspoken competition in our office to see who has got the viral touch, and we decided to materialize this obsession into a ‘Weekly Viral Report’ that includes the top post on, the most repined images from our Pinterest, and…

Jenna Lyons Park Slope Dream Home-13

TrendHome: Jenna Lyons’ Former Park Slope Home

Today’s Trendhome is this impeccable, 4 story 1880s townhouse in Park Slope.  The former home of J Crew creative director and president Jenna Lyons, not a single detail has been overlooked, from the intricately preserved moldings, medallions and mantels to the beautifully aged pine floors featured throughout. 

Erlenbach Switzerland House 13

2 Verandas Villa by Gus Wüstemann [ Switzerland ]

This beautiful villa in Erlenbach Switzerland is home to a South African family who asked for a house that the made most of an enormous plot wanting a view, but not wanting to end up with a house on top of the hill and a rest of a garden down below. Architect studio, Gus Wüstemann Architects…


Lofts Inspiration [60 pics]

If you are a Trendlander, you know by now that we LOVE interior design and we love as well Lofts, we did in the post a round up of loft inspiration and since it was pretty popular and a lot of you enjoyed it, here is an other one with some pretty amazing lofts from…


Old French Barn Converted into Family Home

It is not the first time we review the work of French interior designer, Josephine Gintzburger, but here she worked on a project that we personally adore: Reconverted space. Gintzburger took an old barn of 4,300Sqm in Bourgogne, France and converted it into this beautiful and cozy family home.


Minimal Beach House in Chile

This amazing minimal beach house in the town of Huentelauquen, Chile was built by 01ARQ with two main requirements: the first, wind protected areas – which took the form of dark pin walled courtyards – and the second to not exceed a limited construction budget. The Casa W is


Amazing 17th Century French Style House in Île de Ré

For the TrendHome today, we are going in the Île de Ré (Isle of Rhé in English), located in French Atlantic Coast, in front of La Rochelle. This little island is known for its serene style of destination, in France. A charming 17th century mansion from the outside and a mix of modern and ancient…


TrendHome: Inverted Warehouse Townhouse [New York]

The TrendHome today is the Inverted Warehouse Townhouse. An amazing habitation created by Dean-Wolf Architects. Numerously awarded the Manhattan Townhouse is an addition and renovation of a Tribeca loft building (total of 10,500 square feet). Conceived as


TrendHome: Itiquira House in Rio de Janeiro

We LOVE Rio, and Rio is HOT right now! With all the emerging artists and development the city has going on at the moment, it is definitely one of the hottest cities in the world. All that to introduce you to this amazing TrendHome house. The Itiquira House was recently reworked by Brazilian architect Gisele…

trendhome-Benedikte Ugland-3

TrendHome : Eclectic Industrial Style

In TrendHome today, a completely renovated typical 16th century building, in Stockholm, with an eclectic personality. The owner, photographer and interior designer Benedikte Ugland lives on 85 square meters with her two daughters. Personally decorated with details such as raw concrete, old and new furniture, industrial lighting and other great flea market finds, it exudes…


TrendHome: White Apartment in Barcelona

How refreshing it is to live in a entirely white space? This TrendHome apartment located in Barcelona feels like pure and serene, the mix between the all white environment and the touch of colors with the art pieces, the strong architectural elements such as


TrendHome: Loft Bauhaus by Ana Paula Barros

Brazilian architect Ana Paula Barros created this beautiful Loft Bauhaus project in Brasília, Brazil. The house of 160m2 combined Bauhaus elements with some touches of Brazilian modernism of Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa. The straight lines and clean architecture mixed organic and natural elements providing a warm feeling that feels like home! I especially love…


TrendHome: A Parisian Apartment we’d love to live in !

For this TrendHome today, we are going to Paris in the neighborhood of Saint Eustache in this amazing 2,150 sqm (200M²) apartment decorated by German-French interior designer Josephine Gintzburger. The contrast between German minimalism and French exuberance is her philosophy to create unique and

Cris and Marcelo Rosenbaum Home-Sao Paulo-the selby-12

TrendHome : Rosenbaum’s Home in Sao Paulo

For his last feature on The Selby, Todd photographed the home of designers Cris and Marcelo Rosenbaum in São Paulo, and captured my heart. The home full of color, artifacts collected from travel, and a mix of modern and contemporary furnishings, perfectly portrays a very special genre of people, the elite urban-bohemian. This home could…


TrendHome: 7th Street Duplex in Flowerbox Building [New York]

This beautiful duplex loft is located in the (fancy) Flowerbox Building in the East Village. Developed by Pulltab Design for a young family of four, the 2,400 square foot apartment integrate vertically planted wall across the living room, a shallow reflecting pool and a thoughtful selection of