MAC Cosmetics “Colour Forecast” Video

New York based Creative Agency We Are Plus created these beautiful ‘Color Forecast’ branded videos for MAC Cosmetics. The latest joint-effort is entitled “Spring Colour Forecast.” Running 3:35 in length, the project showcases M•A•C’s Spring Color Forecast collection, which officially launches on March 6. Watch it below, you’ll love it !


Protect & Survive – Trend Analysis by William Higham

The follow up to Grandmaster Flash’s seminal rap ‘The Message’ in 1980 was called ‘The Message Part 2 (Survival)’. If 2009 was about consumers ‘getting the message’, then the theme of Survival looks to be a key trend for the near future. Consumers today are concerned about surviving a range of different ‘onslaughts’ today: the…


Creative Sketchbook Collages

A lot of unknown artists, students or even just ‘life observers’ have their very own sketchbook. Like a diary people use these sketchbooks to draw in, write or create collages about what inspire them and what is going through their mind.  Sketchbooks are often considered to be a piece of art…


Christopher Raeburn SS2010 Collection

How to look stylish under the rain?! Especially when you live in rainy cities like NY, London or Paris! Young British designer Christopher Raeburn designed the answer for his SS2010 Collection. His menswear and womenswear are focused on “functional beauty” in the 21st century cityscape. His rainwear looks to be beautifully made. One of each…


Anne-Sofie Madsen: Maori Collection

The ” Tiki-Mania-Maori ” collection of Danish Design School 2009 graduate Anne-Sofie Madsen is gorgeous, pretty much all the next season trends are used in her design, from fringes (made out of shoe laces), See-through tulle and leather patches as tattooed skin, Anne-Sofie’s tribal inspired collection is stunning and lets not talk about her illustrations…


Gentlemen Of Bakongo: The African Dandies

A new photo book by Daniele Tamagni explores the phenomenon of the African sapeurs, a clique of extraordinarily dressed dandies from the Congo. In the midst of war and abject poverty, these men dress in tailored suits, silk ties, and immaculate footwear.


Beach Trend / Inspiration by Massimo Vitali

Every so often, we go into our archives looking for a particular artist only to realize we haven’t covered him or her, and even though Massimo Vitali has long been on our radar, we have yet to show our appreciation for this maestro of the camera lens. His work captures us and takes us away…