We Love Peter Bertcsh !!

Young Belgium designer Peter Bertcsh just won the Festival de Hyères, with jury such as Christian Lacroix, Kim Jones and many more..

Beckerman Sisters

The Beckerman sisters are a trio of sisters who have their own line.They create their own original textiles every season tobe able to best express their distinct personality. They are really fun…

Britney gets sued by Louis Vuitton

This girl can’t catch a break. The mess that is Britney Spears just lost her case to Louis Vuitton. The French house won $117,00 in a cash settlement, and rights to have her video “Do Something” banned, due to copyright infringement of the label’s trademark fabric.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Until recently, the world’s most expensive dessert was from Sri Lanka, called the ” Fortress Aquaramine” and cost a mere $14,500. New York City’s Upper East Side restaurant…

Bird Bath Induction Recharge Device

Designer Sun Kyung Kim created created a bird bath that recharges your cellphone. Your battery level is indicated by the electric water ripples.

Skull Installations

I really enjoy artist Laura Keeble’s sense of humor. On closing night for Damien Hirst exhibit at the White Cube Mason’s yard, his diamond skull For …

Commuun Duo

Japanese and Paris based duo Kaito Hori ( from Balenciaga) and Iku Furduate ( Central St. Martins) are on the fashion radar. Their spring line is structurally strong …

Netvibes Social Widget – The New Internet

For those who don’t know it Netvibes is the new internet Generation ! Make it at your home page or just have it as bookmark and play… If you do not understand what a widget is, it’s basically a little program that is directly connected to internet and gives you specific informations. Netvibes is all…


Bag, Borrow, or Steal

As much as we want ( some may say need) those shoes or purses, the reality is that for some of us we can’t always have every fashion accessory we may think we need. The clever people at Bag Borrow or Steal found a way to give people the opportunity to own/borrow these items! …

Marc Jacobs: Love Him or Leave Him

t Cyana Lab,we’ll be looking at pics of Marc online and at his last show and we’re thinking ” What happened to Marc?” The change in his physical appearance has left most of …

Project Runway Season 4

Are you ready!?! Season 4 of Project Runway begins tonight at 10/9(C) pm!! It’s been too long for the best reality show on t.v.

The Generic Man

An ironic understatement, The Generic Man is a shoe line for the confident man who understands refined lines and quality construction. If you’re stylistic tendencies tends to be more grown up and sophisticated, you’ll find the right shoe for your powerful, yet simple and sleek identity.

The Cast

What I love most about SS’08 collection for The Cast is that there is so much range and style possibilities. I love clothes that YOU can define and not the other way around.

North Face?!!

Normally North Face doesn’t really represent the type of fashion we love at Cyana Lab. North Face is known for the durability and warmth of their clothes, but …

Secrets of Charm

This is Secrets of Charm 4th collection, and the line is as feminine as it is easy to wear. The silhouettes are delicate and the fabrics they use complement their flowy designs. Check out their complete collection at Secrets of Charm….

Debut Art Agency

The Agency Debut Art have one of the best portofolio of Fine Artists, Photographers and Illustrators…

Thierry Mugler : 2007

“The prophet of Futurism” , as he has been referred to, Thierry Mugler is an instinctive designer who never looks for inspiration. According to Thierry Mugler, “intellect is the servant of the spirit.” …

1955 Ford Bubbletop – Over The Top

Sold on August 19th at The Monterey Sports and Classic Car Auction in Monterey, CA, and sold for $360,000 plus commission.
If your are a custom fan you probably know it already…

Art of custom !

My buddy Manu Custom aka Art Force One is still one of the Godfather’s of the game. His unique custom work on Nike’s and Vans continues to evolve and grow a bigger and bigger sneaker head following…

Tofer Chin

Young trend setter artist from Los Angeles Christofer Chin aka Tofer is more than just an artist, He’s not only doing beautiful acrylic paintings on canvas but also designing is