A Weekend at Casa Burano [Venice]

Everybody knows Venice, but only very few also knows that in a 20 minutes ferry from Piazza San Marco you can reach a little island that has same bones and blood as Venice (houses, canals, bridges) but a completely different look.


Modernist At Six Hotel [Stockholm]

Upon entering the At Six hotel in Stockholm, you need to pass under a minimal ’X’ marking an entrance to the building. You will come across this enigmatic sign plenty of times throughout your stay – it has become sort of symbol of a modern, unassuming luxury the hotel stands for.


Rachamankha Hotel [Chiang Mai]

Thailand has many beautifully designed stays to be explored – yet most visitors tend to explore the coastal options with its outstanding turquoise seas. In the north city of Chiang Mai, the visitor can dive into different waters: spiritual wisdom, fading northern traditions and a symbiosis of the northern Asian architectural traditions with the power…


Modern and Eclectic Hotel Vue [Beijing]

Hotel Vue in Beijing is set on the edge of Houhai Lake, overlooking the park district of the Chinese capital. Envisioned by a Sinagpore-based studio, Ministry of Design, eclectic interiors feature different architectural styles and marry Western and traditional cultures.


Flowers by Bornay [Barcelona]

Flowers by Bornay is one of the most recognized floral art agency in Barcelona. Located in the heart of Sants neighborhood, one of the most emblematic and unique places of the city. Apart from being a store and a center of gardening, they also offers workshops and rental services of the place for events.