Lovely Child Wooden Toys to Spark Their Imagination

Most of Trendland readers works in the creative fields, while a bunch of them have kids, toddlers or soon to be parents! With the amount of (stupid) kid toys on the market, it is hard sometimes to find cool, educative toys for our little ones.


Sotheby’s Biggest Star Wars Auction to Date

Today, in an auction house not so far away… Sotheby’s has joined forces with Japanese designer, music producer and creative entrepreneur NIGO® to stage its first auction dedicated solely to Star Wars.


Philip Karlberg for Synsam Eyewear

Another in the blossoming trend of still life campaigns, this whimsical campaign by photographer Philip Karlberg features the products of eyewear label Synsam.


North Meets South By: Lidewij Edelkoort

East-meets-west in this visual representation of the subconscious unification of world culture. No matter how far the distance, elements from two parts of the globe are compared and surprisingly unified in design and aesthetic. Moving into a more raw era of design, the importance of artisans and