The Crossroads Of Europe & Africa with Vlisco Wax Textiles

Dutch artist Michiel Schuurman revives the tradition of Vlisco textiles – wax fabrics typical of Central and West Africa. The roller-printed creations arrived there from Indonesia and Netherlands, but this was the new continent that turned out to be the fertile market for the colourful textiles.


Pink Marshmallow Sweater by Nadine Goepfert

This pink ‘memory foam’ sweater is the centerpiece of Nadine Goepfert’s ‘The Garments May Vary’ collection. A selection of clothes made from technical and combined fabrics that capture the traces of who wears it.


Objects with a Sensibility

The interior, textile and concept designer, Charlotte Jonckheer is a graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven (2014). Her work starts from an investigation of human behavior and observation of nature in order to create an obvious understanding between the object and its user through shape and material. For the young artist, design should generate a certain movement…


Sleeves for the Home

MANGAS (engl. SLEEVES) is based on a patchwork of different wool knits, to create a collection of various typologies with different shapes, going from Manga corta (short sleeve) to Manga de campana (bell-shaped sleeve).

fouta 22

Fouta de Val

Fouta de Val is a Tunisian product that can be used as a towel, throw, scarf, blanket or tablecloth. The traditional fouta (pronounced foo-tah) measures one by two meter and is woven in cotton in two types of weaving, flat or honeycomb.


Nina Warmerdam’s Imprints

Nina Warmerdam is a Dutch print designer based in Paris. Having worked for Maison Martin Margiela, Hussein Chalayan, Nike & Siv Støldal, she felt like she needed a creative outlet to bring her back in touch with her personal work.