Pidgin Restaurant9

Pidgin Restaurant

This cabinet of curiosities is not something you will find hiding under the bed–or in your closet. The food in these odd images can actually be consumed at Vancouver eatery Pidgin.


C. Owen’s “Trophies”

Chicago based photographer C. Owen Lavoie – better known as C. Owens – has captured these extremely dramatic high contrast images of animals in her series entitled Trophies.


‘ORSON, I’m Home’ by Armin Blasbichler

Written by Guest Blogger Madeline Rudin Every so often, animal activists disregard a controversial deer head mounted on the wall, or look past a lady with a fox fur coat. “Orson, I’m Home” a limited edition 5-part series of taxidermy tables by Armin Blasbichler, makes turning a blind eye nearly impossible.


Bicycle Taxidermy by Regan Appleton

Break out your inner hipster and immortalize your favorite means of transportation.  Whether it be your shiny red big wheel you had as a kid or your upgraded mountain bike that has seen its last adventure, say RIP and hand over your handlebars to London based artist Regan Appleton and his

Peter Gronquist 2

Branded Taxidermy by Peter Gronquist

Straddling the controversial lines of brand parody and taxidermy, Portland-based artist Peter Gronquist has come out with a striking series of branded taxidermy. Stoic fauna faces are given a facelift—bison with a neon McDonald’s sign, deer with Gucci and gold skeletons, a


Damien Hirst Sculpture at London Restaurant Tramshed

With many notable food establishments already on his plate, it is not surprising that when restauranteur Mark Hix opened his newest London hot spot Tramshed, he decided to commission a huge Damien Hirst sculpture as the focal point of the spacious venue. On account of the mainly chicken and meat menu, artist Damien Hirst created the ‘Cock and Bull’ sculpture for the restaurant, as…