Mixed Media Tarot Cards by 25th Century

The art of reading Tarot cards is an ancient method of interpreting the self and the future. They illuminate hidden gateways in a persons life and are a powerful tool that have the ability to connect the deepest reaches of human psyche. For this project,


Kati Forner’s Take On Tarot Cards

Kati Forner’s sleek and minimal take on the mystic tarot cards is a project for a fashion store The Dreslyn. Aiming to refresh and modernize usually heavily illustrated tarot decks, the symbolism of this set lays in geometry.


Lost Tarot Cards by Alex Griendling

These Tarot cards are pretty cool, especially if you are fan of the most successful and watched TV Show: LOST – The representation for each character is pretty  well executed ! Designed by graphic designer Alex Griendling.