Ethearal Portraits By Hsiao-Ron Cheng

The illustrations of Hsiao-Ron Cheng carry a sense of evanescence and ethereality. The Taiwanese artist creates portraits subtle and dreamy, where subjects’ eyes seem distant and wandering in places unattainable for the viewer


Stationery Artifacts

Ystudio was founded in 2012, in Taiwan. Aiming to explore a vanishing culture, they decided to devote themselves to linking past memories and modern life by making fine artifacts that can be used everyday.


Ethereal Portraits

Hsiao-Ron Cheng is a 1986-born Taiwanese digital artist/illustrator. She started to work as a freelance illustrator in 2012 and soon got international attention. Sine then she has worked produced work for a range of clients from fashion brands to design agencies worldwide.


WXY Shoes

WXY shoe brand, based in Taiwan was an accident. Well, we know there really are no accidents, but the designer Joi Weng (XIN-YU WENG) implies this because she originally was a fine arts student and artist.  Her life took an unexpected turn when she started working for a shoe company and after 2 ½ years…


21st Century Oasis by Sou Fujimoto Architects

A huge redevelopment of Taichung City in Taiwan is underway in order to create a “Gateway City” where an abandoned former airport block lies. The competition to take on the development ended on November 11th and the winner is Sou Fujimoto Architects in collaboration with Taiwanese firm Fei & Cheng associates with their ’21st century…


Vita Yang Fashion Illustrations

Taiwanese Fashion illustrator Vita Yang holds a MA Footwear Design degree in De Montfort University. Her illustration works can be seen in Vogue Taiwan, The Big Issue Taiwan, Elle Taiwan. She has also collaborated with Nigo’s Human Made, illustrated for the S/S 2011 collection on the


Hello Kitty Hospital

So we’ve all seen the video of hello kitty teaming up with Mac cosmetics but have we all seen the Hello Kitty hospital in Taiwan?? The hospital has branded its maternity ward in head to toe pink, from uniform to incubators, in hope that patients will recover sooner. It’s officially licensed by Hello Kitty’s owners.

The hospital Director Tsai Tsung-chi said he hopes the cutesy kitty that is one of the world’s most recognisable characters will ease the pain…