Surreal ‘Sleep Elevations’ By Maia Flore

‘Sleep Elevations’ is a surreal photography project by Maia Flore. The French artist sways between reality and imagination, depicting young girls sleeping and levitating in the air, as they are lifted by unexpected objects.


The Wildlife & Surrealistic Bonsai of Kama Takumi

Japanese artist Takumi Kama apparently identifies with a lot of animals, something he mention it in his bio and strongly depicts in his paintings. Kama creates inspiring little scenarios where various animals exists in

The Flight

Gabriel Isak Surreal Photography

San Francisco-based Swedish photographer Gabriel Isak does beautiful things with light and composition! He creates surreal images featuring a dark, melancholic atmosphere.


Slimesunday’s Glitch Art & Surreal Collages

You’ve probably seen his stuff before and noticed like me his surreal style and beautiful use of color. Between his Glitch Art, mixed media collages or stunning Double Exposure, Mike Parisella, aka @slimesunday is pumping out some ridiculously stylish artwork.


Paco Pomet Surreal Paintings

Similar to vintage black and white photographs, the Spanish painter Paco Pomet paints hybrid landscapes and old-fashioned scenes with always an unexpected bright color detail.