Stunning Interior Design Store in Belgrade: The GIR

GIR is a gorgeous store in Belgrade who feels that the answers to the needs of our time and of the modern man in terms of aesthetics and function are to be found in designing authentic and durable products. And they are right, solid wood furniture, apart from its superior physical characteristics, also possesses a…


A Simplistic Milk Bar in Bangkok

Thaipan Studio creates a unique, minimal space for a Thai organic milk bar chain Butterfly in Bangkok. Serving exclusively dairy-based meals, the interior reflects restaurant’s concept.


India Mahdavi Designed Red Valentino flagship store in London

Paris-based architect and designer India Mahdavi is behind the interior of the latest REDValentino boutique, located on Sloane Street. The 170 square meter store features a great brass and glass façade on one of London’s most strategic streets, inviting customers to discover a new intimate and charming space.


RE-EDIT: Minimalistic Hair Salon in Osaka

Japanese ‘space design’ duo Sides Core created this conceptual hair salon in Osaka called Re-Edit. Designed for friends of theirs who wanted a space where people come for a haircut and leave with their hearts and minds feeling refreshed.


A New kind of Cosmetic Store with ‘Heliocosm’

FREAKS freearchitects have been commissioned for the interior design of the shop for a new French natural cosmetics brand: Heliocosm. With a small budget of 100K€, and an even smaller space (100sqm area) with which to work, F R E A K S added a few fresh touches to an old Parisian space in order…


Etudes Studio Minimalistic Shop Design in Paris

Menswear brand and boutique creative agency Etudes Studio brings contemporary urban culture to the Marais. The shop’s minimalistic interior, fashion-forward streetwear looks, and selection of self-published books makes it a destination of its own right.


Aesop Emporium in Melbourne

.PSLAB and Aesop have collaborated with Melbourne based studio KTA, on the lighting design of the newly opened Aesop store in the Melbourne Emporium, a precinct featuring a mix of local and international fashion, culture, food and art.


Par La Roy in Mexico

SAVVY Studio, based in Monterrey, Mexico, is a multidisciplinary workplace, where different areas of design come together, to create unique and unified experiences for their clients. One of the most recents projects is the Par La Roy Store, in Mexico City.


Aesop Shop in Kyoto by Torafu Architects

Written by Anna Canlas Aesop recently launched its Kyoto store, a serene oasis amid the bustling district of Kawaramachi. The skincare label’s fourth shop by Tokyo-based Torafu Architects, the calming space marries industrial and natural elements, like flexible board shelves and Oya stone floors, grafted onto the existing raw walls and exposed concrete of the…


Darkroom is So Sottsass!

Throughout his life, famed Italian architect and designer Ettore Sottsass worked across a variety of disciplines, all the while honing a colorful and playful legacy.


Les Bébés Cupcakery by J.C. Architecture

Well, it was only a matter of time before the cupcakery trend went viral – and it looks like cupcake lovers in Taipei are now in for a double dose of yumminess: one part cupcake, one part design. 


TrendStore : Veja x Centre Commercial [Paris]

Veja and Centre Commercial is a new concept store in Paris. They offer labels made in France, Great Britain and Denmark and house second-hand bicycles, vintage furniture and art works. It is a collective space, uniting local, social and environmental initiatives. The collections at Centre Commercial reach either social

etiqueta negra-nyc store-1

Etiqueta Negra Interior Design

CEO of Etiqueta Negra Federico Alvarez Castillo was not kidding around when interviewed by JC Report last year, “These are difficult times, but as said before, Etiqueta Negra is a new brand to the US market. We have launched our brand in the middle of a deep economic crisis in America and don’t have a…