Dried Ikebanas by Sarah Illenberger

As resident artist at Villa Lena, the famous Italian concept hotel from André Saraiva, Sarah Illenberger benefited from all the natural elements belonging to the property.


Dry Lunch; Meaning Boring, Dull, Irritating

Drawing upon two London staples; cafe culture and english slang, stylist Anna Sheridan and Photographer Oli Douglas have coined their own interpretation of the phrase and the activity, in a series aptly titled Dry Lunch.


Frozen Food Dissected By Studio Mathery

‘Al Freddo’ loosely translated as ‘in the cold’ is a project by an Italian Studio Mathery inspired by occasions where we put the excessive amount of food into our freezers to keep for later.


A Culinary Hommage to Olle Bærtling

What a lovely and colorful still life editorial! Photographer Philip Karlberg simply shot fruits and graphic patterns for this gorgeous culinary hommage to late Swedish artist Olle Bærtling.


Mofidied Leftovers by Carl Kleiner

We’ve been following and loving the work of Carl Kleiner for a while now and this is latest personal project in collaboration with his wife Evelina. A simple still life shoot called Modified Leftovers.


The Tragic Murder of a Hamburger

Photo Duo Ilka & Franz have murdered a bunch of fast foods in their latest series – “The Tragic Murder of a Hamburger” together with set designer Adam Purnell and food stylist Udo Reichelt-Schaurer.


Michael Crichton Photography Captures Flying Food

The still life photography of Michael Crichton documents food in motion. In collaboration with his creative partner and stylist, Leigh MacMillan, the Toronto-based duo has created a ‘Conceptual Food’ series that offers the unexpected in terms of composition, as the ingredients are caught mid-air in their flight.

tasty- transformations -project-deconstructs-our-daily-eats-featured

Tasty Transformations Project Deconstructs Our Daily Eats

Tasty Transformations is a project by Fragmento Universo deconstructing our daily eats. Focusing on three different recipes – a strawberry milkshake, crème brulee and white chocolate matcha, impeccably composed images contemplate the ingredients and the process of preparation.


A Visual Guide To Computing

A collaborative project between INK and Docubyte, ‘A Guide To Computing’ is a visual, graphic story that traces the evolution of a machine.


Carl Kleiner is a Tulip Whisperer

We always been a fan and have been following the work of Carl Kleiner for a long time now. Here is one his latest personal project called ‘Postures’.


A Piece of the Earth

These are all fragments of that very mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam that Carl Sagan made note of.


Palette Still Life Editorial by Lisa Jahovic

For this beautiful still life editorial, Art director Lisa Jahovic and Helen Sirp with the help of photographer Thomas Baker played on a tonal game of painterly surfaces playfully challenging classical still-life compositions, tying them together and breaking apart.


Jiaxi Yang: The Horizontal Mode of A Waking Life

Sponges, eggs, coat hangers – it’s easy to gloss over an object’s aesthetic appeal when you see it every day. In her new series The Horizontal Mode of A Waking Life, New York-based photographer Jiaxi Yang aims to help us see the beauty in the mundane by removing household items from their normal habitat and…


Magnified Magnificent Still Life Series

Fungal microorganisms are having a fundamental role by shaping novel materials and processes now and even more in the future. The beautiful and elegant ‘Magnified Magnificent’ series by