Song of the Day : [06/10]

Alela sings: “While some folks pray their path to Jesus, we’re gonna sing the Pirate’s Gospel, we’re gonna sow our feet for dancing…” And furthermore, as if to say ‘Amen to that’, the chorus chants “Yo ho yo ho yo ho ho”. Umm…HELL YEA! I I think we could all use a little pirate sensibility in our lives. Alela has a bit of indian princess in her. Her songs reveal a strong connection to a time and place that doesnt seem to exist anymore. When you listen, it takes you on a journey…

Song of the Day : [06/04]

Au Revoire Simone: Take Me as I Am Au Revoire are a keyboard band consisting of three girls from Brooklyn, New York. I became a fan of theirs a few years ago after hearing their first album, “The Bird of Music”. These girls know how to rock out with the simple melodies of their one…


Song of the Day : [06/03]

Dangermouse & Sparklehorse : Little Girl {ft. Julian Casablancas} Get ready for the latest Dangermouse collaboration.  Introducing a great song from the “Dark Night of the Soul” album.  Dangermouse teams up with Sparklehorse, and Julian Casablancas (Strokes fame), to create a soulful,dynamic jam.  Enjoy. Listen to “Little Girl {ft. Julian Casablancas}” Here

Song of the Day : [06/02]

Mum : We Have a Map of the Piano Múm are an Icelandic pop band with euphoric, yet tumultuous leanings, mixing sound with music and vice versa. The group has taken many forms and shapes since it started in 1997 and rarely cease to surprise and confuse. The core of Mum consists of these two…


Song of the Day : [06/01]

DJ Vadim : Beijos featuring Heidi Vogel “If you want to make beautiful music, you must play the black and the white notes together.” [Richard M. Nixon] Not many – if any – musical biographies open with quotations from Richard M. Nixon. But DJ Vadim, a.k.a. the John Coltrane of hip hop, ain’t exactly your…


Song of the Day : [05/29]

A while back I had the privilege of seeing Feist perform at the Dark Was the Night Charity concert at Radio City. She rocked everyone’s socks, as usual. But perhaps the most lovely song she sang that night was also the only cover, which she attributed to her “friend”, Kyle Field. I did a little research, and came to find that Kyle is a Portland bread musician who leads an experimental folk band called Little Wings. The songs are sweet and simple, but good! Have a listen.


Song of the Day : [05/28]

Discovery : Orange Shirt “Discovery sounds like a direct descendant of Daft Punk’s Discovery . There’s a little Postal Service, Janet Jackson, Hot Chip, and T-Pain mixed in, too.” Thanks Pitchfork, but when you start to compare a new band with five other incredibly successful acts that span decades and genres, it may be a…


Song of the Day : [05/27] Poops! The beat just stopped for, uuuuhmmmmm what, like 10 days. Life without music, eeeek! Well we are back on and happy to bring it with an oldy but god damn goody. This track makes me hit reply over and over when it finds its way into my shuffle, and whenever that happens I…


Song of the Day : [05/17]

Wave Machines : The Line I was lucky to get my ears on Wave Machines’ upcoming debut album ‘Wave If You’re Really There.’ I was already excited on the strength of “I Go I Go I Go” and “Keep The Lights On.” Upon first listen, I’m  blown away. I haven’t heard such a solid and…

Song of the Day : [05/12]

Almost exactly one year ago to the day, I wrote about El Parro Del Mar’s last self titled album. Since then, this fine Swedish lady has set the world on fire touring with Lykke Li, and has composed a brand new album called “Love is Not Pop”, which is even more promising then the prior, if I may say so. The first single “Change of Heart” is enchanting and composed with beautiful harmonies. It looks like El Parro Del Mar is expanding and enhancing her musical capacity in a very positive way. Listen to Change of Heart below.

Song of the Day : [05/05]

Who doesn’t love a little rockabilly music? The Cramps became popular in NYC in the 70’s. Their music is experimental and psychedelic. It also has some 60’s punk elements in it. All in all, pretty groovy stuff. Listen to Goo Goo Muck below, and also check out their version of “Lonesome Town” if you want some more goody-goodness…


Song of the Day : [05/04]

The Oliver Twists : Play the Part We all love to go behind the scenes of any production and see how artists really work and who they really are. With this in mind,  The Oliver Twists, a trio from Davenport, Iowa, comprised of Jamey Cummins, Phil Pracht, and Aiden Landman created this experimental video using…

Song of the Day : [04/28]

Maybe it takes living in a cold climate to fully appreciate the joy that the return of Spring can bring into life. Growing up in LA, I never had too much appreciation for the change of season. But now, living in NY, as winter turns to Spring, all I want to do is frolic around and make daisy chains for my hair. Brooklyn based band Secret Life of Sophia certainly understands this inclination. Their song “Outside” is a harmonic, ethereal ode to the beautiful outdoors, and the value of getting out to enjoy it.


Song of the Day: [04/27]

Hockey : Too Fake “These scruffy bike-riding vegans could easily be enjoyed by fans of Dylan, Springsteen and the Hold Steady as much as they could by devotees of LCD Soundsystem,” – Gaurdian UK. This foursome Portland hometown band, “who describe themselves as “new wave/soul” on their MySpace and have been bigged-up of late by…


Song of the Day: [04/24]

Silent Talk : Love Go’s After finding out about Silent Talk from 20JazzFunkGreats, I give a listen to the rest of the songs on their myspace. From the bunch of lo-fi, dreamy, spacey, disco-tinged jams, I dig “My Risonare” & “Where Can I Go,” and I have a special soft spot for “Love Go’s.” They’re…


Song of the Day: [04/20]

Grammy Award winning producer/engineer as well as award winning director, Mark Johnson co-founded a project called “Playing for Change”. The project created to bring people from all over the world together under the unifying element of music. He has been working on a series of “Playing for Change” documentaries while recording the album that will accompany it, entitled “Songs of the World”. At the moment only two of his songs are available…

Song of the Day: [04/13]

Bat for Lashes decided to do a cover of Kings of Leon‘s song “Use Somebody”. Im a big fan of covers done well. Its a chance to resurrect a song you may have retired, and enjoy it all over again; this time in a whole new way. Bat for lashes brings her signature ethereal and eerie, yet always lovely sound to KOL’s song here. An interesting and somewhat unexpected tribute from a girl with typically off-beat influences.


Song of the Day : [04/07]

This man’s been around a long time. In the music business for over thirty years now, Bragg has collaborated with the likes of Kate Nash, R.E.M, and Wilco. But now he’s finally getting some recognition for his own tunes. The track below reminds me a bit of a more upbeat Morrissey. Its fun and sweet. Great song for Spring tine! Enjoy.


Song of the Day : [04/01]

Ray LaMontagne is hands down one of the best new artist I have heard in awhile. His voice just kills me, but softly. His Lyrics make we want to scream them out loud and I haven’t been as happy to hear a song played repeatedly on the radio since Coldplay’s “Lost” and “Viva la Vida” and before that way too long. He is getting the most highly acclaimed praise from his peers and the public…


Song of the Day : [03/26]

Besides being incredibly engaging and peaceful, this song contains one of the most intricate, funny, tragic, and entertaining stories ever squeezed into song-form.* My favorite parts are when Jens watches Nina’s eyebrows for a clue of how to answer her father’s questions, and that he sends back “out of office auto-replies” after the father tries…


Suckers : Chairs

Dude, get your sissy, pimply face off the cover of this great Sucker EP,! And go buy a better jacket! And a less idiotic bandanna/mask! This image is almost single-handedly ruining the amazing jangly, loping, drunken sounds on the best song I’ve heard in a while – “Easy Chairs.”


Song of the Day : [03/13]

Fresh out of High School, Those Dancing Girls bring it with their fresh and fizzy pop. You can definitely feel the youth in the Swedish girl groups tempo and spirit, it makes me want to jump up and dance! This track came out awhile ago on a self-released 5-track EP in Sweden before being signed by Wichita and coming out with their full album titled “In Our Space Hero Suits”. Listen and enjoy!


Song of the Day : [03/10]

The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s are about to release a new album. We have here for you a sneak peak slice of their awesomeness. It seems Karen O and her bandmates have become progressively less weird and more palatable over the course of their 2 most recent albums. Personally I liked them better at their sassiest and most abstract. I dont know, maybe Karen started meditating and no longer feels…


Song of the Day : [03/09]

Canadian group/ensemble Woodpigeon has just release their double album, “The Treasury Canada/ C/W Houndstooth Europa”, and just returned from their Eurotour. It must be hard in this group of seven to come up with song names since all of them are practically sentences. I guess everyone has to get a word in. 🙂 Anyway you definitely have to check out this album, its pretty melo but has these great moments of epiphany, transporting you directly to cloud nine.


Song of the Day : [03/03]

Real Blasty is Kyle Andrews last album released July of 2008 on Elephant Lady Records. The indie-pop sound is infectious, and I am currently looping “Sushi”, my current favorite track.


Song of the Day : [03/02]

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the young Robert Francis. He is a delicious man with talent beyond his years. Evoking legends of before his time, such as Jeff Buckley and Johnny Cash, Francis sings from his broodey heart. His lyrics are dark and intense. His melodies-a bit country, a bit bluesy. He’s a little slice of special. Listen to one of his many love songs “All of my Trains” below.


Song of the Day: [2/26]

This is pretty precious electropop from Two Door Cinema Club a brand new band out of the UK. Peppy guitars and uplifting shout-alongs back up the singer’s attempts to encourage his girlfriend to work on their relationship. It makes you wonder why he’s making such an effort for a girl who always gets what she wants anyways. Maybe she doesn’t believe that “something good” can come out of it; or perhaps…

Song of The Day: [2/23]

I realized this week that I have yet to write a post about Beach House. This struck me as being odd, because I have, after-all been listening to them constantly for some time now, and they’re music gets better and better with each listen…


The Ettes : Chilled Hildebound Hearts

This is one of my favorite records of the past year. Every song is great. Pure retro-fun-dance goodness. Love playing this song when I DJ. Mmm, I miss DJing…I mean…enjoy the song! And download the whole album if you like what you hear. There’s plenty more where that came from.


Song of the Day : [02/13]

I always privately thought that Hot Chip were the electro equivalent to the Beatles. Many of their songs are have a simple beauty to them… their lyrics are repetitive and the melodies are uncomplicated, but teamed with some sort of magic, the music is irresistible. On Hot Chip’s frontman Alexis Taylor’s solo debut, ‘Rubbed Out‘, he finally gives me reason to voice the comparison out loud. Not only does he cover Paul Mccartney’s “Coming Up” beautifully…