Jannis Markopoulos’s Cartoon Skull Masks

During my recent trip to Berlin, I discovered the artwork of Jannis Markopoulos and really enjoyed his oil on canvas Cartoon Skull Mask series. In exclusivity he agreed on giving us the images of the series that I’m sure will go pretty viral.


Jacky Tsai’s Skull & Flowers

Best known as the creator of the iconic floral skull for British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, Jacky Tsai combines traditional Chinese painting techniques and references with western Pop Art styles.


TrendWatch: Apres la Mort

T he French based couple designers, François Alary and Ophelie Klere make chic goth wear in a strict black and white palette. After the success of their label Dévastée, they just launched Apres la Mort, a micro unisex collection described as dark and morbid, the collection also has a strong sense of humor, adding smiley…


Vanitas Skull by James Hopkins

Here is the work of British artist James Hopkins who is currently based in London, and graduated from the University of London in fine arts about 10 years ago. I love his Vanitas series of trompe l’oeil perspectives transforming every day objects on shelves into artwork looking like skulls. Makes me think of the work…