3 Books You Must Own

For our latest coffee table books series, we’d like to introduce you to our favorite books for this month of June.  ‘One Year on a Bike’ explores one man, one bike and one long ride around the world, ‘Porsche 911’ reveals the world of the most famous sports car of all time and ‘Small Homes, Grand Living’ illustrates how people can live comfortable in tiny homes.


Textile Brand St. Frank Opens Pop up in East Hamptons

Artisanal textile and luxury home décor company, St. Frank, just unveil their first east coast pop-up shop in East Hampton, New York. Offering ethical home luxury for the modern bohemian through a curated collection of handmade products by artisans around the world working in traditional crafts.


The Stylish Towels of Mae Engelgeer

Mae Engelgeer is a a Dutch textile designer who works in Amsterdam. She cleverly combines new technology and materials into beautiful textiles that enrich any home. And she does that without losing ground on refinement or quality. POP and JET are the names of the two towel series she will be launching this summer.


Queen Mama Market : Trendiest Concept Store in Seoul

If you go to Seoul, you have to check Queen Mama Market! The seven story concept store has four different floors filled with amazing products for garderening, for your home as well as furniture, and two floors are dedicated to high end men’s and women’s fashion.