Artist Johny Surf Blends Surf & Art on Driftwood

Portuguese artist, Johny Vieira blends Surf and Art, feelings and memories, made with two main components: driftwood and regular gypsum. A wave that becomes a harmonical sculpture, where the nature and human touch fuses.


Kendal Murray Miniature Worlds

Through the workings of memory, toys have power as evocative symbols of time past. Australian artist Kendal Murray’s artworks are based on the experience of play, dream like scenarios to represent memory, and toy forms.


Elise Handmade 3D Sculptures

Elise is an artist engaged with the shape and form of objects in space. Her sculptures are a giddying mix of surface, mass and volume, situated precariously on the verge of physical impossibility.


Xuan Chen’s Sculptures Explore Light And Space

Playing with the concept of light, movement and space, the surreal works of Xuan Chen are inspired by the California light, the Space Movement and constructivism. She creates wall sculptures of an iPad size, spatial arrangements that you’re invited to explore and interpret.


Blossoming Sculptures By Jean-Michel Bihorel

Blossoming digital sculptures by Jean-Michel Bihorel combine artist’s fascination with flowers and the female form. He designs figures made of cracked marble, where the gaps are filled with dried hydrangea flowers and leaves.


Stunning Meaningful Work by Anouk Kruithof

Anouk Kruithof is an artist living and working between Mexico City, New York and Amsterdam. Her works are part of those which appears on the surface pretty but then the viewer become deeply involved after being informed of context.