Vila Matilde House – São Paulo [Brazil]

It was in 2011 when Studio Terra e Tuma Architects from São Paulo was approached by a young man with a very delicate request: to built a house for his mother Dona Dalva, a lady on her 70s, with very low budget. His mother’s house was collapsing and with serious health and safety issues. The…

tuju_restaurant_seating_carol gherardi

The Unique Gourmet Experiments Of TUJU [São Paulo]

In São Paulo’s trendy Vila Madalena, TUJU restaurant is a unique gourmet experience. This Michelin starred restaurant is renowned for its use of non-conventional plant based ingredients grown in the restaurant’s landscaped edible gardens – walls, second floor greenhouse & rooftop included – with its 350 edible species.


Harmonia Artist Residence [São Paulo]

The project in Harmonia Street by Triptyque Architecture is a unique view of what it is called a “living building”. Located in the west side of São Paulo, a neighbourhood where artistic life and creativity is in constant evolution, the street is a hub for galleries and urban walls functioning as a canvas for new…