Lighting, Layers and Reflections by Autumn de Wilde

Surfing on Pinterest for something completely different, I stumbled onto this installation by (photographer) Autumn de Wilde titled Lighting, Layers and Reflections, and after looking into it, ten minutes later I’m still speechless.

pim-leenen-lighting sculptures-1

Light Sculptures

By removing materials from their comfortable surroundings and placing them in a new, unfamiliar context, Pim Leenen’s work hopes to transform and create function and meaning.


“A Moment’s Reflection” by Cody William Smith

Nevada-born photographer Cody William Smith‘s work ranges from portraiture to pure landscape, but the common thread throughout his body of work is a serious appreciation of the natural scenery of California and Nevada, particularly the mountains, national parks, and coastlines that define the terrain.

Mirrors 3 – Neil Krug

Neil Krug’s Mirrors

 Neil Krug is an artist based in Los Angeles known for having photographed and art directed campaigns for such bands as My Chemical Romance, Ratatat, Devendra Banhart or Ladytron. His latest collection of images, titled Mirrors, places these reflective elements in the middle of deserted landscapes. The outcome: pieces of light and futuristic brightness playing…