junktion-phone clock

Junktion : Recycled Industrial Design

Junktion was founded in Tel Aviv in 2008, in order to give a second chance for what the city had already classified as junk. Junktion people take everyday objects out of context, sometimes attaching them to others, unrelated, and at other times just turning them upside down for an alternate function. They believe that there…

jo-meesters-odds and ends-4

Studio Jo Meesters : Odds and Ends

Studio Jo Meesters creates concepts and products based on the key words of matter and traditional craftsmanship.  Accentuating and highlighting this vision, Studio Jo Meesters  created TESTLAB, an experimental ongoing project about rejuvenating and reusing discarded materials. TESTLAB kicked off with the collection “Odds & Ends, Bits & Pieces”, consisting out of four furniture pieces.…

katie thompson-recycled furniture-2

Katie Thompson’s Recycled Furniture

South African interior/furniture designer Katie Thompson started creating a brilliantly imagined collection of recycled furniture last year called Recreate. In this range of products she marries antiques in unconventional ways to give new function to the already familiar items. I love all her suitcase chairs, milk pail ottomans, and the coffee table tub.