Visual Recipes by Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj

What a great concept (reminding us of the Ikea project) by Copenhagen-based photographer Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj who created these images, presenting various recipes as minimalist photographs that show all the ingredients that go into making each dish.


In The Kitchen With Renee Kemps

Renee Kemps is a student from Amsterdam who juggles final exams and recipes with such grace and ease that we can’t look away.


The Thanksgiving Recipe Edit

Thankgsiving is a time for showing off your skills at throwing together a delicious meal – but this is Trendland, and therefore delicious is just not enough.


Blackberry White Chocolate Smores

As October brings cooler temperatures across the globe, let the chill bring fireworks, blankets and camp fires for us all to enjoy. Make the trip outdoors worth it with an updated childhood classic of toasted blackberry white chocolate smores to devour alone or share with friends and family around the fire.   Enjoy what is left…