Hedi Gh Gorgeous Cosmic Donuts

After the famous rainbow bagel in Brooklyn or the food of the rainbow project, the Iranian food creative Hedi Gh posted her cosmic donuts on her Insta, which went viral across the world a few weeks ago.


Current Craving : Spring Risotto

Current Craving SPRING RISOTTO by Sarah Tuck I originally made this bright, fresh risotto for spring, but it has enough of a warming, nurturing vibe that it is super satisfying while the weather is still cold. The leek and onion give it a sweet, earthy base, the mozzarella adds creaminess and the pine nuts crunch,…

Current Craving : Lamb & Farro Salad with Herby Cannellini Bean Hummus

Current Craving WARM LAMB & FARRO SALAD WITH HERBY CANNELLINI BEAN HUMMUS by Sarah Tuck I absolutely love warm salads, and this one is super delicious and satisfying, yet still healthy! The base is nubbly Italian faro, topped with asparagus, baby spinach, fresh herbs, seared lamb fillet and crunchy roasted almonds. The homemade garlicky labneh…

Spicy Chickpeas and Fried Egg Flatbread

We came across Andrea Bemis‘ wonderful food blog by accident but we are glad we did. Her variety of simple and healthy recipes not only look amazing, they taste great and are fairly simple to make.


Seasonal Mint and Vegetable Risotto

Venice-based cook and writer Skye McAlpine has a food blog for all the right reasons. “From My Dining Table” is where she shares her recipes and secrets.


A Taste with Renee Kemps

Renee Kemp is an Amsterdam based student that is currently spending all her free time in the Kitchen to produce work for her beautiful, name sake, blog. She develops all the recipes, styles and shoots everything herself. A true foodie catch!


Spicy Thai Corn Soup with Greens

Do not be surprised if a bowl of this soup takes you on an imaginary journey to Thailand and back. The creaminess of coconut milk combined with the sweet corn, spice from the curry paste and texture from the greens makes this soup recipe a real winner.


Homemade Spelt Beetroot Pasta

This beautiful homemade pasta uses spelt, lower in calories and higher in protein and nutritional value, as an alternative to flour and mixes it with beetroot for sweetness and color, making the pasta itself the feature of the dish.

Truffle-risotto-with-duck fat-carrots-1

Truffle Risotto with Duck Fat & Carrots

When blessed with a truffle you needn’t over think its use. Pick something you love whether is pasta, eggs, or in this case risotto and let the truffle lead the way.


Zucchini Quiche with a Quinoa Crust

If you make quiche, it goes without saying that its saved your life on many occasions. When the fridge looked so sparse you could hardly find two ingredients to combine to make anything, you may have found yourself chopping an onion or throwing those not so edible cherry tomatoes into a frying pan.


Lavender Honey Iced Latte

If you are interested in integrating new flavors and ranges into your daily habits, this Lavender Honey Iced Latte recipe will add a little taste of heaven to your predictable coffee addiction.


Gourmet Fruit Salad

This delicately woodsy fruit salad recipe is perfect transition from summer to fall. The mix of citrus and sweet, crisp and tart and a melange of herbs makes this an easy gourmet dish to share with friends.


5 Tips For an Awesome Seafood Chowder

Chowder sounds intimidating doesn’t it? As the summer air turns a bit cooler, cozy soups become more and more appealing. Use these tips by Food52 to concoct the ultimate seafood chowder.


5 Vegetarian Dishes to Diversify Your Palette

Summer might be on it’s way out, but the desire for light, fresh, veggie-based salads lingers on. Full of flavor, and perhaps some ingredients you haven’t made use of in a while, these dishes make an easy work-week lunch or a weekend family style meal just a touch more interesting.


Quick Pesto Tortellini with Asparagus and Capers

Pesto is easily one of the go-to sauce for a flavorful and welcoming primo piatto. This recipe proposes an easy to prepare Tortellini with fresh basil pesto along with cream cheese (underused in pasta recipes). A small addition that remixes the standard crowd-pleaser.


Sweet Potato Wild Rice Arugula Salad

This Sweet Potato Wild Rice Arugula salad recipe is a passionate creation by food blogger Lindsay, from a Pinch of Yum. Experimentation with wild rice led to the creation of this earthy, colourful and delicious salad. It is the balanced combination of the nutty, chewy wild rice with the roasted sweet potatoes that makes this…


Paprika Parsnip Fries

  If you are a french fries addict but trying to be more conscious about what you are consuming this little Paprika Parsnip Fries recipe is a blessing in disguise meant to satisfy your craving and your appease your conscience.


Warm Almond Garlic Parsnip Soup

Comforting, deliciously thick and the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Inspired by a Spanish White Almond Gazpacho, this warm almond garlic parsnip soup recipe takes it one step further by adding red grapes.


Smokey Sweet Potato Bánh Mì

Smokey sweet potato serves as the base for this Vietnamese inspired sandwich. Bánh Mì, which means all kinds of bread, finds its roots in French colonialism (hence the use of a baguette) and is traditionally made with pork or other meats. That said, this sweet potato version is fitting for the growing number of people interested in…