Santa Clara 1728 Hotel [Lisbon]

Housed atop a hill in the center of Lisbon, Santa Clara 1728 which belong to hotelier João Rodrigues, is one of the most romantic and quiet place of the city, surrounded by monuments and a park offering a breathtaking view of the river.


Fernando Brizio’s Floating Jewelry Table

Fernando Brizio’s floating table is an innovative concept to exhibit and showcase jewelry and accessories designers. Displayed at the Sociedad Nacional de Belas Artes in Lisbon, the jewelry table surface is made of


Basho Sushi Bar has 8,400 Flying Chopsticks On its Ceiling

With its 8,400 chopsticks suspended on a ceiling, Basho Sushi House in Porto is a space highlighting the work of a sushi chef. Designed by Paulo Merlini, the bar is only a 25-square-metre space where the installation marks a central point of the restaurant, adding a touch of magic to the dining experience.


Lonely Houses Photographic Series By Sejkko

The Lonely House Project is a graphic photography series by Venezuelan scientist and visual artist Manuel Pita aka Sejkko. Capturing the crystal blue skies and Portugese architecture, his frames remind of Wes Anderson’s films, reflecting perfect symmetry and vibrant colors.


Portuguese Gourmet Brand Balances Work and Fun

Jose is a Portuguese line of gourmet products, all designed and branded by Luis Mendonça. From olive oil from the oldest trees to firewater from Lourinha and canned goods from the seas of the Portuguese cost, Jose believes in sustained growth and seeking the balance between work and fun.


A Touch of Modernity in Rural Portugal: Hotel Minho

Located in the heart of Alto Minho, in Vila Nova de Cerveira in Portugal, Hotel Minho is the testimony of a concept of modern and intimate pleasure, offering a variety of services and experiences in the area of wellness and rural tourism.


Watercolor Fashion Illustrations

Portuguese illustrator Antonio Soares has been on our radar for quite some time now. His fashion illustrations of both Portuguese and international designers are always up to par with the season’s trends and themes.