Noodled: Inspired by the Beauty of the Sea

New York based hairstylist James Pecis with London based portrait photographer Paul Wetherell, and Sydney based wave/surf photographer Ben Budgen collaborated on this limited edition hardcover book in which all of the proceeds will go to Mission Blue to save our oceans.


Amy Sherald Stunning Afro-American Surreal Portraits

Baltimorean artist Amy Sherald paints African-American Portraits like no one else. Her life-sized portraits main subjects are only Afro-Americain, but one of her very own signature is how Sherald paint their skin in shades of gray.


Krisztian Tejfel’s Digital Illustrations

Best known for his portraits of beautiful women with a melancholic and surreal touch, the Hungarian digital illustrator Krisztian Tejfel is focusing on traditional-digital hybrids leaving his work always a bit unfinished.