Anonymous Portraits by Jaroslaw Danilenko

‘All Year Round’ portraits by Jaroslaw Danilenko reflect upon human anonymity. The Polish illustrator depicts his characters in a graphic, colorful way, yet with their face obliterated with giant pink balls.


Tobias Kroeger Binary Portraits

Inspired by the New York City subway graffitis of the 1990’s, he sprayed his first works of art in his hometown of Bremen, Germany, at the age of 12.


Ryan Hewett Enigmatic Painted Portraits

We just discovered the amazing work of South African artist Ryan Hewett. His recent body of work focused on the depiction of leading figures from the past and present that have, for better or worse shaped the world in which we live.


Reza Bassiri’s Fashion Faces

For this Faces series, French Reza Bassiri wanted to illustrate the variety of beauty through these portraits, mixing genders, styles and fashion, with one common trait: beautiful women.