Hermes and Hiroshi Sugimoto Collaboration

Hermes and Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto have teamed up for series of limited edition scarves inspired by Sugimoto taking long exposure shots of cinema screens. What ensues are vibrant and colorful photos with light passing through a prism.  Sugimoto stays within his

Caitlin Doherty learns to multiply-08

Caitlin Doherty Learns to Multiply

Caitlin Doherty has always loved making things, sculpting, print making and especially painting. Indeed, this recent graduate of Canadian OCAD from the Drawing and Painting program even paints on hand constructed birch supports she makes herself. Her work is derived from vintage family photos that she finds at garage and

william miller 4

William Miller’s Ruined Polaroids

With his Polaroid SX-70 (a used camera he picked up at a yard sale for $20), William Miller churns out not photos, but amazingly abstract works of art. The camera, as it turns out, was broken. “It sometimes spills out two pictures at a time and the film often gets stuck in the gears, exposing…


Helmut Newton Polaroids Book

This June Taschen will release the Helmut Newton Polaroids Book. Newton saved his test Polaroids, allowing a privileged and rare chance to see the tests from a selection of his greatest shoots over a period of decades. Put together by his widow, June Newton, his collection captures the magic of Helmut Newton photo shoots as…


70’s Stylized Polaroid Collaboration with Neil Krug and Joni Harbeck

Photographer Neil Krug has been hanging in the desert with his supermodel girlfriend Joni Harbeck making PULP, a book of washed out, grainy, 70’s stylized photos that honor the tradition of old movie posters and magazines. The polaroids have the kind of grainy, sun-scorched feel of a Sergio Leone spaghetti western. And ever since the couple began posting the photos on Flickr early this year, they’ve drawn a blaze of attention. “I really never received this much feedback on my work before,” said Mr. Krug, who has also directed music videos for Ladytron and Ratatat. Watch a little teaser trailer to get you in the mood for the book. In his spare time he’s also been working on a movie called Invisible Pyramid that looks equally as trippy. It’s supposedly about two women “escaping the loss of a loved one in search for an answer to their ambivalence.”