Dazed and Confused Oct 2012 Editorial 6

Dazed and Confused: Holy Flowers

Totally feeling this beautiful, fresh editorial, “Holy Flowers” , photographed by  Pierre Debusschere, stylist Robbie Spencer has outdone himself joyfully combining fall ready to wear and couture for this Dazed & Confused editorial.

A-Magazine- Iris-van-Herpen- 6

A Magazine Curated by Iris van Herpen

A Magazine Curated By, for its latest edition, handed over the staff to fashion designer Iris van Herpen to take over the curation. The avant-garde designer, known for her unique and progressive aesthetics, brought along her inspirations and created a story, shot by Pierre Debusschere.


Bean Pole Novö

Dazed & Confused launched their September 2012 issue with this intriguing editorial featured by photographer Pierre Debusschere. Hérmes’s artistic director, Christophe Lemaire, paired up with well-known Korean brand Bean Pole to create Novö. The line was named after French rock critic Yves Adrien’s Novövision -who predicted the 1978 revolution of machines in music.  Model Guerrino…


V Magazine Spain Summer 2012 Electro Model

Photographer Pierre Debusschere took an euphoric approach to this editorial for V magazine Spain.  We are huge fans of V magazine and the combination of impeccable styling, by Tom van Dorpe, and colorful graphic alteration sure captured our attention in this editorial.


Pierre Debusschere: The Day The World Went Away

‘The Day The World Went Away’ is an editorial/film photographed and directed by Pierre Debusschere and styled by Melina Nicolaide for the recent sixth issue of Under/Current magazine, featuring models Yannick Abrath and Yumi in this amazing ‘human video mapping’  production by 254forest.