Geometric Reflection by Victoria Siemer

Brooklyn based graphic designer Victoria Siemer aka Witchoria produces gorgeous new and unusual realities by altering expected perceptions of space with geometric shapes. I really enjoy her very ‘trendy’ approach with the “Geometric Reflection” series where she used photographs of foggy landscapes.


Anny Wong’s Swimmers

Anny Wong is a recent graduate from Rhode Island School of Design’s in film, animation and video department but she’s very much into drawing. Her passion for art with an experimental spirit is visible in this delicate swimmers series. She


L’horizon Series by Romain Laurent

Did you know you could surf in Manhattan?! Well, I didn’t. OK, joke apart, I just stumbled over the latest series from Romain Laurent, entitled L’horizon. This series intrigued me because I asked myself,”How did he do it?”,


The Best Beauty Product in The World!

This video is hilarious! With such great mockery, direction and editing it is no wonder he had more than 1.8M views in 3 days! ‘That’s the power of Photoshop!’ Watch video below and the Behind the scene at the end of the article. This is how Jesse Rosten had the idea of creating this mini…


Have A Nice Day by Jennis Li Cheng Tien

‘Have A Nice Day’ project by Taiwanese artist Jennis Li Cheng Tien is a digital series made from random images found of the web. Using different type of filters, collages and Photoshop manipulations, the final images looks like unique watercolor painting.


Alex Castro Animal Portraits

We love when illustrators or photographers create artwork with animals. Here are Mexican graphic designer Alex Castro animal portraits. With his great photoshop skills, we could almost think these half human/half animals are real!


Paula Parrish Photography

Paula Parrish has remixed the basic images of her photography and experimented with some creative photoshop skills by coloring and adding textures to them. The New York-based photographer plays with projections. She prints and mounts then re-shoots or


Agan Harahap’s Super Hero

How funny are Agan Harahap’s Super Hero series on vintages historical photographs. A beautiful photoshop job, that makes the super heroes seem  like they were really part of the scene. It reminds me as well of Ian Pool SupeHero series…


Shoe FLeur by Michel Tcherevkoff

The two things women love the most : Shoes and Flowers (and bags). NY based French photographer Michel Tcherevkoff had a revelation when he saw a photograph of a leaf he had shot for a client, turned upside down on his table and thought it looked just like a shoe. He scanned the image, added…


Ruud Van Empel Fine Art photography

51 year old Dutch photographer Ruud Van Empel has been working in the collage/photoshop medium since the late 90s. Famous for his digitally manipulated, slightly eerie looking pictures of children. Van Empel’s trademark pieces are picturing (mostly) black children in the middle of vibrant jungle or verdant landscapes.


Susanna Hesselberg Art Photography

A non-conventional use of photoshop, for most of Susanna Hesselberg photographs you need a double take to really understand what’s going on. She prints her photo-montage in big format and exhibits them as art pieces.


Fashion Retouching is Art

I’ve been really into Fashion retouching lately, especially because I’m doing some intensive retouching lessons with by Chris Orwig – But let’s get back to retouching. About a month ago we reviewed Pascal Danging, the Master of retouching and owner of high end retouching studio The Box Studios, but there’s a lot of other Agencies / Studios who are doing some pretty amazing retouching work. HappyFinish is a London based agency which worked on the beautiful Diesel Camouflage and La Perla Campaigns as well as Esquire and Vogue amongst others[…]


Adrien Donot Digital Artist

French digital artist Adrien Donot have a pretty cool portfolio – If you know a little bit photoshop you can see that the spray splatters or the gradient overlay are some simple effect, but really well executed with his photography.You can…


Murat Suyur Conceptual Photography

Murat Suyur Conceptual Photography is Amazing ! He has an unmistakable identity, based on his humor and playfulness. Murat unlimited power of imagination points to surrealist art as the creative source of his inspiration. Murat is definitely a Photoshop Master – A Digital Warhol !


Star Wars Art Remix

Just stumbled on some really cool Star Wars Art, remix of the biggest Artist of our century – some great work between paintings and photoshop