Aryton Page’s Hawaii Minimalist

Aryton Page is a 27 years old photographer from Hawaii who got into the minimal aesthetic couple years ago via Instagram and been obsessed ever since.


Inside Women’s Shells

Photographer for over fifteen years, Brigitte Niedermair carries on her woman body exploration through bounteous fashion shots.


Vanities ‘Still’ Inspire

‘Still’ is a series of unlit scenes whose the theme is vanity. The painterly pictures are shot by Felix Forest with the collaboration of stylist Claire Delmar, and improved by photographic post production Ring Studio.


Mirka Laura Severa’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ Series

Mirka Laura Severa’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ series is a quirky project investigating the link between cakes and mattresses. Shot for MacGuffin Magazine – a publication on the life of objects – Severa’s images are minimal and neat, drawing similarities between food and objects, both in terms of colour and form.