The Goetheanum Through the Eyes of Nicolas Coulomb

Published in November Magazine, this series of photographs was taken by Nicolas Coulomb for Goetheanum. The world center for the anthroposophical movement, located in Switzerland, commissioned the French photographer to capture the sculptural-organic and outstanding architecture of the building.


Enigmatic Photography By Justine Tjallinks

Justine Tjallinks is an Amsterdam-based photographer with a flair for fashion. The self-taught artist aims to capture the uniqueness of individuals and the diversity of human beauty.


Deanna Templeton Sexy “Swimming pool” Series

The first solo exhibition by the California based photographer Deanna Templeton (US, 1969) just launched at Gallery Fifty One Too, called ‘The Swimming Pool’, a sun-lit series of color, black-and-white and Polaroid pictures showing different models photographed from above while swimming naked in Templeton’s pool.