Clemmer Fofolle (1)

Canned Candies: The Nudes of Jean Clemmer

Coinciding with the London Fashion in Film Festival (1 – 12 December), Flash Projects in London is exhibiting iconic original vintage photographs by Jean Clemmer, exploring fantasy, sensuality and haute couture in 1960s Paris.


Facial Hair Extraordinaire

ZZ Top would surely shed a tear at the sight of the 2009 World Beard and Mustache Championship contestants.  Texas photographer Dave Mead traveled to Anchorage, Alaska to capture these portraits of men with gravity defying facial hair. Fans of the bush-ranger beard or


Fashion High with Georges Antoni

Georges Antonis‘ work dips into a world where glamour and intrigue meld and the result is bold, beautiful and cinematic. Antoni is an Australian fashion photographer (Queensland bred) whose star is rising rapidly in the global market.


Sam Hessamian’s Sexy Sulty Fashion Photography

Sexy, sultry, moody, smoky eyes, dark full lips, seedy hotel rooms – this is what Sam Hessamian’s photography is all about. Beautiful women drifting through the dark corners of Paris’s urban architecture, or staring provocatively straight into the camera – smoking, brooding, film noirish – beautiful fashion photography. In Hessamian’s work, elegance and emotions blend…


Romanian Beauty Makes Sicilian Men Weep

Romanian model Catrinel Menghia now resides in Milan and this black and white photo shoot for Aubade Agenda would even convince Federico Fellini that she is full blooded Sicilian beauty. With the help of Menghia’s beauty, this unnamed photographer has captured the essence and style of Italy in the 1960s.


70’s Stylized Polaroid Collaboration with Neil Krug and Joni Harbeck

Photographer Neil Krug has been hanging in the desert with his supermodel girlfriend Joni Harbeck making PULP, a book of washed out, grainy, 70’s stylized photos that honor the tradition of old movie posters and magazines. The polaroids have the kind of grainy, sun-scorched feel of a Sergio Leone spaghetti western. And ever since the couple began posting the photos on Flickr early this year, they’ve drawn a blaze of attention. “I really never received this much feedback on my work before,” said Mr. Krug, who has also directed music videos for Ladytron and Ratatat. Watch a little teaser trailer to get you in the mood for the book. In his spare time he’s also been working on a movie called Invisible Pyramid that looks equally as trippy. It’s supposedly about two women “escaping the loss of a loved one in search for an answer to their ambivalence.”