A New ‘Perspective’ of Design Store

Robin Klang and Ejub Bicic have founded a singular concept store in Stockholm, opened since last September. Inside the very zen store, Antique wooden furnitures cohabit with Asian concrete vases and fiberglass fold seats, all emphasizing high-end craftsmanship.


Vanitas Skull by James Hopkins

Here is the work of British artist James Hopkins who is currently based in London, and graduated from the University of London in fine arts about 10 years ago. I love his Vanitas series of trompe l’oeil perspectives transforming every day objects on shelves into artwork looking like skulls. Makes me think of the work…


Kyung Woo Han Art Installation

Korean artist Kyung Woo Han builds some intriguing art installations dealing with perceptions and illusions. Everything we see or what we know is not absolute. Kyung suggest various ways to perceive things with slightly different perspectives.