Rankin goes into Fragrance with S&X

S&X is an exciting collaboration between iconic photographer Rankin and award winning fragrance designer, Azzi Glasser created under her own label, The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi.


Scent – A Subscription Service For Home Fragrances

Born from a love of home fragrance, Scent is a new subscription service dedicated to championing the next generation of perfumers and fragrance studios — those producing design-led candles with innovative and evocative scents.


Handmade Perfumes with Régime des Fleurs

Régime des Fleurs is a brand whose core message communicates the profundity found in flowers. Ezra Woods and Alia Raza are the perfumers and co-creators of Régime des Fleurs. Mirror, their newest bottle, is “a nod to Narcissus, who infamously gazed down at his own reflection in the water,” Raza says.